What to Write?

I’d really like to take a nap, but I need to write something today. The question is, “What to write?”

Do I write about our refrigerator and freezer going on the fritz while we were out of town and the subsequent spoilage of all our perishables? Naw. That’s just depressing.

How about the television set developing a weird habit of simply turning off mid-program? No, that’s not interesting. Frustrating, but boring.

I could write about how my hands and arms look like pincushions because Gracie, our new cat, hasn’t yet learned to sheath her claws during playtime. At least she doesn’t bite. Not too often, anyway.

I refuse to write anything political even though politics are on my mind much of the day. One minute I’m hopeful, the next I’m distraught.

Maybe I should say something about someone I love who has tested positive for Covid-19, but I’m trying hard not to worry too much.

Here’s something! Our eldest grandson received notification that the college he has his heart set on attending not only accepted him into the program, but also awarded him a nice scholarship.

Garrett’s Bradley Bound!

Now I can take that nap.

Peace, people!