Love Kept

He always knew where to find me, beneath the stairs with a novel in my hand. 

The question was always the same, Whatcha reading? I instantly responded, A book,

Knowing he’d chuckle at my lame predictability. Back then we kept love in our pockets 

Like wrapped peppermints to be savored after a spicy meal. Cool reminders of everything

Important. Kiss me now, I thought. While my breath is sweet and you are laughing at my joke.

The Saddest Things

If tomorrow booted goons came to silence my free speech,

If in the night I found myself imprisoned for my beliefs,

The saddest thing would not be my arrest, but that 

Friends like you would sit by and say, Well she did bring it on herself.

Oh, you might wring your hands when the executioner comes,

And you might pray for my poor soul’s repose,

But the saddest thing is you’ve watched democracy poisoned

And opened wide for the bringer of death’s dose.

With every measure this fool in charge claims greatness

A sleight of hand meant to convince and confuse

So when my body is hanged in the virtual square,

It’s your gullibility that’s tightened the noose.

And the saddest things are the memories of you with fierce ideals 

Now turning a blind eye to injustices in a quest for the status quo

Those protest songs traded now for hymns of the prosperity gospel

Nothing like an evangelical sermon and a gaudy mummer’s show.