Spending Time with a Three Year Old

After spending one day with a twelve year old grandson and another day with a ten year old granddaughter how hard could it be to hang out for an hour with a three year old? At Walmart? In the toy section?

It was an hour of bargaining and logic.

Me: Harper, I need to go to Walmart to buy cat litter and milk.

Harper: And toys Nana?

Me: Nope; just milk and cat litter (at this point both the older siblings elected to stay home).

Harper: OK, Nana.

In the car:

Harper: Nana, play Uptown Funk

Me: I don’t have Uptown Funk.

Harper: Yes, you do. 

Me: No I don’t, but let’s see if we can find a radio station that’s playing Uptown Funk

(Believe it or not it was playing on one of the first stations I tuned into on Sirius.)

Harper: See, Nana! I told you that you have Uptown Funk.

Me: Yes, you did. (Sigh)

At Walmart:

Harper: Can I get a toy Nana?

Me: You really don’t need a toy sweetie.

Harper: Can I just look at toys.

Me: Let’s put you in the shopping cart and go find the cat litter. 

Harper: If I ride in the cart can I have a toy?

Me: (At this point I know I’m buying the kid a toy, but I’m not ready to concede just yet) Let’s find the things we need and we’ll talk about it.

Harper: (At this point the kid knows she’s getting a toy, but she plays it cool.) Ok, Nana!

We found the cat litter and were on our way to the dairy section when it occurred to me that it might take Harper more than a few minutes to pick out a toy and that it would be better to take care of that before going to buy milk.

When we got to the toy department I helped Harper out of the cart and she headed immediately to toys from the movie, Frozen, and found a package containing a Barbie-sized Elsa and Ana as well as Olaf, the snowman and Sven, the reindeer. Her eyes lit up.

Harper: Can I have this Nana? I won’t ever need any more toys!

Now, how could I resist that? Without complaining she let me put her back in the cart and we picked up milk and a few more goodies. The whole time Harper kept up a running commentary about her new toys. 

Harper: Nana, do you think Sven can talk? I think Sven can talk because he’s a reindeer. Nana, what’s a reindeer? Is Olaf a real snowman? Do you like Elsa or Ana best? Will you play with my toys when we get home? Do you have scissors in your car because we need scissors to open this package. I think Sven can talk. Is he a real reindeer?

Me: Maybe I need some Advil.

Harper: Nana, do you need a band-aid?

Me: Maybe. Will a band-aid make my head stop hurting?

Harper: Yes, Nana. 

In the car:

Harper: Play Uptown Funk.

At the Quad Cities Family Entertainment Center later that day:

Apparently band-aids help with headaches.