Codes By Which To Live Haiku

In response to The Daily Post’s prompt:

I. Do unto others 

As you would have others do

Unto you my child.


“The Golden Rule” Norman Rockwell, 1942 

II. Be kind, consider

Every living person

Equal unto you.  

III. Keep your heart open

To the possibilities

Your soul aware.


IV. Allow your self to

Love unconditionally

Live without regret.


Peace, People!

Give ‘Em L Tour Ending

All good things, 

They say

Must end. 

I want to know

Who are “they”

And why must I 

Listen to them?

 The three L’s leaving our mark on the beach at St. George Island, Florida, March 23, 2015.

These were a few of our favorite –ings:








 Lauren, Ponce de Leon, Leslie, and Lila, at The Fountain of Youth, March 25, 2015.

Leslie and Lila at The Spanish Sugar Mill in DeLeon Springs, FL, March 25, 2015.

 Lila and Lauren at The Blue Parrot, Saint George Island, March 23, 2015.

 Lauren, joined by two little folks at DeLeon Springs. One of my favorite pictures of the week.

Why is it that 

Spring break weeks

Take forever to arrive, 

Yet end almost as

Soon as they’ve begun?

That’s a question 

For the wise folks

Among us, and 

Certainly I am not one.


Peace, People!

Changing of the Purse

Seasons change

Clothes lighten up

Blacks and browns

Turn coral and lemon

Toes peek out of shoes

Nails painted prettily

Legs smoothed


When the task can no 

Longer be ignored a

Shift is made from

Old to new handbag.

Grimly the former is 

Held upside down, 

Its contents laid bare 

Upon a quilt:

Six quarters, two nickles, 

One dime, and many


Individually wrapped 

Toothpicks and breath mints,

A bottle of Advil and a 

Tube of hand cream.

Keys on a jingly ring and two

Tubes of lip balm.

Plus a wad of paper receipts.

Into the new bag go the

Necessary items. But at 

One time, everything felt



Frog Chorus

I. Sun sets over lake
Rousing chorusing begins
Syncopated frogs.


II. Sing it again frog,
Your beautiful song of night.
Nature’s lullaby.


III. Thousands chirruping
Signal another day’s done
Melodic strains rise.

If I Were a Cat

If I were a cat

I’d be badass

I’d claim a spot in the

Sun and I’d give it up for

No one.

If I were a cat

I’d attack anything

That moved like

My sister’s tail or the 

Shadow teasing me on the

Wall or the admittedly fake 

Mouse on a string.

If I were a cat I’d run lickety split

From room to room and

Then turn and run back the

Way I’d come. 

I’d hop sideways just 

Because I can.

I’d find the highest point in the

Room and make it mine.

If I were a cat I would

Meow pitifully in the

Dead of the night until

My people become 

Concerned and come to

My aid.

If I were a cat.

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

When our first son was very young, perhaps not yet two, he and I were snuggled under the covers on a cold, snowy morning. Studly Doright had left for work, so little Doright and I were catching a few precious zzzz’s.

As we basked in that delicious laziness that comes with sleeping in, little Doright asked sleepily, “Mommy, who is that man?”

I said, “What man, sweetie?”

“That one, Mommy, in the curtains.”

I saw nothing, but my heartbeat sped up just the same. Who knows who or what little Doright saw.

On another occasion I awakened from a nightmare in which Studly was chasing little Doright and me with a knife. I’d just finished reading Stephen King’s The Shining, so that dream was something of a logical consequence. However, from his crib in the room next to ours I heard little Doright crying, “Daddy, don’t hurt us! Daddy stop!”

Whoa! That was a surreal moment! Written in response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt.

Slow Day

Turtles move more
Quickly than
Days like this one
Sloths have more speed
Almost guaranteed.
Trees grow much more
It would seem
Than hours pass when
My man is gone.

There are only so
Many hours that
One can go to
Movies or
Watch tv or
Play Trivia Crack and
Words With Friends
Before one begins
Conversing with
Cats meaningfully, And they begin talking back.

Studly, the Poet

Studly and I are watching Pawn Stars. In this episode a buxom young woman takes a vintage video game into the store to sell to the guys. Studly thinks the young woman is a “real cutie.” 

I respond, “She’s not that hot. She just has big boobs” 

Then Studly says,

“That’s a great first step

In the right direction

To give a guy

A huge erection.”

He followed this statement with, “see, you’re not the only poet in the family.”

Just shoot me, okay?

Patience, Grasshopper

Softly tapping foot

Should signal my impatience

Yet here I still wait.

Drumming fingers, too provide

A clue I’m restless.

However no relief comes.

Waiting still. Patience.


Grasshopper, you sneak

Gobbling up every leaf

Destroying gardens

But you, too must eat to live

Just dine elsewhere, please.