Dadgum Neck

I’ve been thinking about my neck recently. It’s not a topic I’ve really considered until just a few weeks ago when a woman told me my neck was making me look old. Of course, she was attempting to sell me some expensive skin care cream that would work miracles if only I’d apply it multiple times between morning and night when I would then switch to the nighttime formula that contained even more expensive ingredients. All natural. Organic, even. Even so, my neck would still be a problem.

“It’s got a bit of fat beneath the chin there. I can’t do anything about that,” she said.

Up until that moment I hadn’t noticed the fat beneath my chin. Now, it’s all I can see. Except, I can’t actually see it—not the view I need anyway. I need to see it from the side, but that’s all but impossible on my own. So from now on, I’m only looking at everyone straight on. No more profile shots.

So, if everyone would kindly queue up in a line facing me and only me, I’d really appreciate it. Save me tons of money.

Peace, people.

Get in line, kiddo.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

19 thoughts on “Dadgum Neck”

  1. Oh wow- we all have these problems! The hairdresser insists on cutting my hair on my neck round like a barber and it make my neck old! I’ve tried 5 in 2 years! Now I do it myself it took years off- thank you for humor, have a nice day

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  2. So the latest way to sell things is to convince someone how awful they look and scare/depress the hell out of them? Just another reason to avoid people in general.

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  3. First of all, wow, RUDE. She just straight up volunteered that opinion without even being asked? I hope you didn’t grace her vixen nature with your money. What a nasty woman, jeez. You look absolutely lovely in that photo and I don’t doubt for one second you would look equally lovely in a side profile too. Some people are just money hungry and they don’t mind being prigs to get what they want. Good grief, aren’t we all self critical enough without others adding to our heavy list of insecurities?!

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  4. You crack me up, Leslie. I have the same neck! I used an expensive cream for a while but it made no difference at all (except for my credit card bill!) so I stopped. We’ve had some wild turkeys roaming the yards lately and I have to say, my waddle can’t hold a candle to theirs. 🙂

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