Bye Bye Bras (and Knickers)

My spring closet cleaning continues at an amazingly slow pace. Every time I’m in a groove something shifts my attention away from sorting and tossing to less productive activities such as reading or napping.

That’s not to say that I’m not making progress, though, and this morning I found ten dollars in change in an old wallet. Cha-ching!

If my cleaning efforts could be kept strictly to the closet the whole process would be over and done with already; unfortunately, when I rearrange one group of items another space either opens up or closes off. That’s what happened when I moved my brassiere collection from a dresser drawer into the closet.

You see, I realized I had bras that hadn’t been worn since the presidency of the first George Bush and they needed to go. So I made a nice pile of saggy old bras on top of the electronic organ I’m totally incapable of playing.

I wondered if perhaps my knickers (panties) drawer had similar pieces, and indeed it did. Elastic? Had that stringy stuff around the waistband and leg openings once been elastic? I made a second pile.

Then I googled Goodwill to see if they’d accept my castoffs (not the worst of them, but the ones that could still maintain their intended functions) and the answer was no. So, what to do with a sizable stack of undies on the electronic organ? (I can actually play both halves of Heart and Soul—just not at the same time.)

Again I googled and found a company called Knickey. For a $5.00 fee, Knickey will accept used panties, bras, and tights. You box them up. They’ll send you a mailing label via email and it’s easy breezy! They recycle the undies into materials that can be used in mattresses. Maybe other stuff, too. Plus, they send you a pair of their organic panties.

I sent my underwear, even the worst of the worst, off this morning and now I’m free to not play the organ once again.

Here’s a link to Knickey:

And that’s how it’s done.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

22 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bras (and Knickers)”

      1. Omg I just redid my storage. I bought bins from container store and put bags in bins in the armoire that I repurposed from being a stereo/cd cabinet

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  1. Do we really need underwear at all? I hate knickers and I’ve not worn a bra for about twenty years, life is too short! I was researching Dr Whites sanitary belts earlier…would you remember them? If they updated this item to hold incontinence pads I’d have no need for large knickers! Liberating my body and my wardrobe space in one foul (lol) swoop! Great article again, thank you.

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  2. Goodwill doesn’t take undergarments? I wonder if that’s just a Florida thing cause the last time I went wandering there with daughter, who was looking for work pants, they had rows of used undies


  3. You make the underware situation sound gruesome at best. May your drawers only be crowned with beautiful, lycra functioning new drawers and bras. Good for you for recycling that stuff.

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      1. Hahah, me too. I have so many that I buy and they don’t fit, but I keep anyway thinking they’ll fit later – but of course they never do! They’d do well in a new mattress haha.

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