Some People

A simple question on social media often brings out the worst in people. I’ve read the hateful and snarky responses when a fledgling writer asks for advice from other writers. Condescension abounds on writing forums. It’s as if some people need to stomp on others for absolutely no good reason. I don’t understand the need to be mean when another seeks help.

Usually, I lurk in the shadows on such sites —helping when I have a legitimate answer that might shed some light on an issue and watching for answers to concerns that match my own. I wasn’t eager to take a pounding for my own inquisitiveness. Cowardly, I know.

Yesterday on a forum in Social Media Land, though, I made the apparently egregious mistake of asking a question about royalties from Amazon. One would’ve thought I’d asked how many fingers and toes the average human comes equipped with.

I was called a dunce. An idiot. A lazy b*tch. “If you can’t read, then why are you attempting to write?” asked one respondent.

Yes, I knew I was risking the disdain of the elite when I posed the question, but I had read the information on Amazon and was still confused. Clarification would’ve been nice, but in its place I learned that I’m “too dumb to breathe.” I’m amazed I’m still able to do so, but maybe I’m breathing all wrong.

Some people are asses.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

42 thoughts on “Some People”

  1. Oh, right—because all these people never had to ask questions!! They are born knowing it all. Ugh, this makes me so angry. Why can’t people look at it as an opportunity to help a fellow writer, not an opportunity to call her names and hope she goes away. That is so awful. I hope you were able to get the information you needed, but gee whiz, people…!

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  2. Listen, most of the writers I have met are wonderful supportive people. Like any other profession, there’s downright know it all nasties though. And a lot of these said FB groups are really not about support, they are about ME ME ME, my book, brilliance, readers, fans, my you name it, which is why I have come out so many of them. Anytime you want to ask anything feel free to email me. Or message me on messenger okay? If I can answer your question I will. xxxxxxxxx

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  3. Holy crap! How awful. Yes, people can and are asses a lot of the time, but this is over the top. I’ve seen some really stupid things in the writing community and I’ve heard of others dealing with similar things, but I haven’t experienced it myself (probably because I’m way too much of an introvert to ever really attempt anything other than lurking). Did anyone at least answer your question? I might be able to help if not.

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      1. There are a couple of genre specific groups I’ve found that are quite supportive. One is for Cozy Mystery writers and the other for Romance writers. My first novel doesn’t fall into either of those categories, but I enjoy the camaraderie there. And while my second novel is romance, I mostly just lurk on that page.

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  4. Oh, Sweetie, you are none of those mean things. I’ll burn some sage for that awful forum to cleanse it of hate. You just keep on doing what you do.

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  5. Wow! People are asses indeed. I would be curious about the answer to that question. It seems like a question a LOT of people would be interested in the answer to. Seems to me, you took a hit for the sake of many other people who were too afraid to ask this question. So, you’re sort of a hero. Sorry people had to be jerks about it.

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  6. Oh my gosh I am sorry you received those types of responses. 😦 That’s beyond brutal for asking such an honest question. As you say, the “elite” can get nasty. I remember being a new writer on a forum and how mean the seasoned members were to myself and other newbies. It was an eye opener. Thankfully there are a lot of kind ones, too, but those mean ones really stick out when they appear, don’t they?

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