Worms. Why’d it Have to be Worms?

Warning: Gross stuff involved

Early this morning, Gracie, our 2-year-old rescue kitty, climbed into bed with me and snuggled down. I was just barely awake and stroked what I thought was her head. Surprise—it was her bum.

“Ew, Gracie. Don’t stick your butt in my face.”

Then I realized that something had stuck to my hand.


Fearing it was poo, I jumped out of bed, careful not to touch anything with that hand, and ran to the bathroom sink. And of course I had to look before washing. No poo, but what I saw looked like grains of rice. There were several on my palm. Hm. Not good. Not good at all.

I fetched a plastic baggie from the kitchen and deposited the little sticky things inside. After thoroughly washing my hands, I went to Google. And there it was. A worm that resembled a grain of rice. Gross. I’ll spare you the pictures.

I called the vet’s office as soon as they opened and took Gracie in for treatment. It was time for her annual visit anyway, so they got us right in and took care of her.

Surprisingly she was a model patient and they didn’t have to sedate my girl. I could have used some sedation after finding worms on my hand, but they didn’t offer that. It really should be part of their service, right?

As soon as it’s appropriate to do so, I’m having a glass of wine. That’ll have to suffice.

Peace, people.

Me? Gross? No way!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

28 thoughts on “Worms. Why’d it Have to be Worms?”

  1. That is the only gross thing I ever knew you to write. And it WAS REALLY GROSS. Your description left nothing to the imagination. Apparently Gracie knew which end to present to you for some petting.

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      1. The first time is the worst! They are transmitted by fleas so do your best to stay current on meds and/or yard treatment. We’ve had a horrific flea season and I’m pretty sure all my cats will need treatment again. The newbies got dewormer during their spay surgeries last week.

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      2. The weird thing is, we don’t have fleas. She’s an indoor cat, but we have a screened in porch that she loves. The vet said there’s no evidence of fleas anywhere on her. We’ve had her for almost a year, and I’m wondering if she already had worms when we adopted her—she came from a shelter. It makes me sad that we didn’t notice them sooner!


  2. Hopefully they were easy to take care of and not something serious. Please, have an entire bottle to wash that image from your brain. I think I’ll need one of my own and I didn’t have them on my hand. So gross!

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