Have a Nice Flat

In the past six months I’ve had four flat tires—the most recent one just last night. I’m closing in on 65 years on this planet, and I’ve been driving since my 16th birthday. Up until this year I’d had a total of one flat tire. One.

Being the excellent amateur detective I am, I looked at the whole flat tire situation analytically. What location or locations do I frequent where one might end up with a nail in one’s tire? The logical conclusion is my favorite lunch spot. Damn. I’m there almost every day. And their parking lot isn’t great.

I guess I could park in the meat market’s lot next door to the vegan cafe I love. No irony there, right? I’m just tired of spending time at the tire repair shop.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

36 thoughts on “Have a Nice Flat”

  1. Oh noes! I hope you find a good solution!
    I had a tire come apart, due to a nail, while I was doing 85mph in the fast lane. It was cool to see ALL traffic behind me stop so I could shoot over to the shoulder and call AAA!

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  2. I know most of the time you don’t even see whatever ends up piercing the tire, but I am getting really good at being on high alert for stuff in the road. I also do a lot of swerving, which has helped but may not be the safest method to avoid tire problems 😉

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  3. I’ve done the amateur detective thing when I suddenly jumped from 2 flats ever to six in a week. Thought I nailed it down (pun potentially intended but not noticed until after comment written) to the parking lot of my job. I was wrong. There was a not very big pot hole between my work and home. I didn’t pop a flat immediately so it was basically a guessing game. I figured it out (finally) when a friend of mine got a flat and did not go near my job. There’s no way what I found was “by accident” so I called the police (I know, it seems so odd), but the pothole was filled with nails. There is no way that after I drove home with 6 nails and my friend 1 that there were still about 20 jammed in there. And I mean JAMMED in there. I couldn’t get a single one out. Next day they ripped up the area and refilled it (without the nails). Honestly, I hope the got whoever did it and just followed them around with a nail gun shooting their tires for eternity.

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  4. I got several during the times I’ve lived in a neighborhood with new construction. The number of nails I’ve had in tires is crazy. I’ve since learned that road hazard insurance on your tires (if it is available) is so worth the extra cost even if you never get another flat again.

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    1. I hadn’t gone far from the house when my car alerted me, so I turned around slowly and went home. Fortunately I have a car we send one drive so I wasn’t stuck at the house all day. My husband aired it up when he had the time and he drove it to the tire shop, so I wasn’t really inconvenienced at all. Spoiled is what I am.

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      1. I m glad to know you’re spoilt, didn’t quite get what you meant though Leslie , did you mean you send one and drive one? (Fortunately I have a car we send one drive so I wasn’t stuck at the house all day. )

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      2. We have four vehicles at our home. One is my husbands company car, one is his pickup truck, another is the car I drive around town for errands and such. Then we have one that we just take on long trips—when we vacation or go to see our children. Occasionally (like in the car of a flat tire) I have to drive the vacation car around town. It’s silly, really. There are only two of us! And I’m not even counting all of his motorbikes!

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