Tarot Reading

Yesterday afternoon I took part in my first tarot card reading. It was fun and interesting and totally unlike what I’d imagined. The young woman who conducted the reading was lovely. She sensed my nervousness and put me at ease.

I’m not going to share what was revealed at the reading. For some reason I feel like that would be akin to telling folks what one wished for when blowing out candies on a birthday cake or when making a wish on the first star of the evening. It just isn’t done.

But I will tell you the question I wanted answered—“Am I on the right track?” The answers were enlightening, and taken with a large grain of salt.

At her reading, my protagonist in Wedding at the Happy Valley Motor Inn and Resort wants to know if it’s time to move on—if it’s okay for her to begin actively living again after the death of her beloved husband. Like me, she’s a skeptic, but still considers some of the advice she receives practical.

Have you ever had a reading done? If so, what were your thoughts on the outcome? If not, what might you ask of the cards?

Peace, people!

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30 thoughts on “Tarot Reading”

  1. I don’t think I’d want to know. However, when Jackie and I got together again after nearly 40 years this was in the Fortune Cookie of a Noodle Bar which was the venue of one of our first dates: “Nothing is more beautiful than love that has weathered the storms of life”. I have it in a small frame beside my desk.

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  2. I “do” Tarots Readings, but I haven’t done them for a long time. Now I can’t find my pack =/ People told me I was good at them, so might be something to get a little pocket money. When I can find them, lol

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    1. I bought two decks thinking I’d teach myself how to do a reading. But it’s not something you just dip your toes into, it seems, and for just one scene in my sequel I didn’t think it was worth the time to go in deep. I might experiment with the cards still, though.

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  3. Your reading sounds like fun! I actually had a reading back in college. I had a roommate who was playing the part of a Gypsy in a play and used tarot cards on stage. She decided to learn how to read the cards for real and took a class from a local woman. She practiced on me. Lol It kept saying the same thing over and over about taking a journey.., the death card was prominent …, anyhow it was freaky but as it turned out right after I graduated I traveled to California, married, became very ill but survived.., everything she predicted came true! Go figure! 😳

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  4. Here’s the scene: Hawaii, honeymoon, street market, tarot reading. The major take-away: not that we would end up divorced but that we would have 3 children. Down the road, after a girl and boy and while using birth control I find I’m pregnant with #3…

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  5. I’ve both had them done and have done the readings myself, though mostly for myself and only a few close friends. I’ve always found them fascinating and, usually, pretty dead on. That said, I think, like all things, it depends on your reader. I think readings for those I know are always more nuanced and detailed. Of course, one of the draws for me is the art. I’d probably collect different sets just for the art alone.

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  6. Back in 1968, before we were married, my wife made me pull over at a house in Florida with a sign advertising $5 palm readings. The reader’s kids scurried around our car which had Washington state license plates. The one thing I remember is that the reader told my wife that she liked to travel. And, of course, she was right.

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  7. A friend of the mother of a BF was a numerologist. The mother was intensely into stuff like thst and I got a recorded reading… 3 yrs of very specific stuff plus annual “overall” for about 20yrs into the future. I don’t know where the tape is now (I def have it) but at least 5yrs were redonk accurate!!

    The woman’s home was an old Victorian and said to be haunted. I wish I could have visited and met her!

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  8. I used to have some ESP and remembering predicting my BFF’s love. But his hair confused me… I kept feeling blonde, then black, the back again. That was around 1980. The guy she got involved with was a punk rocker, who’s mohawk had dark roots and platinum blonde tips. I was quite pleased about that!!

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