My New Grand Dogs

These two fellas greeted us when we arrived in Dallas.

That’s Ryder in the foreground and Milo behind him. It’s difficult to tell just how large Milo is from this photo. But in the one below it’s fairly obvious.

Milo is humongous.

Our son and daughter-in-law originally were going to foster Ryder, but about a week before they went to pick him up he ran away with Milo in tow. The two dogs went on a wild romp for over a month before they were picked up by animal control in a town about 100 miles from where they’d started.

Thank goodness they’d been microchipped and the animal control folks contacted the rescue group, and they in turn contacted Jason and Liz. And, the dogs had definitely bonded, so instead of just taking Ryder they adopted both dogs.

They are sweethearts and seem very happy in their new home. And they like me, so that’s in their favor.

Milo thinks I’m pretty cool.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

20 thoughts on “My New Grand Dogs”

  1. They’re beautiful beasts. And, sounds lik a novel there, from the dog’s point of view perhaps. Their story makes my heart happy.

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