The Spam Is Strong

I received the message shown above yesterday in my Facebook messages. So intriguing. Fourteen years smaller.

Here’s the dilemma—14 years ago I weighed more than I do now, but I had way fewer wrinkles. So, do I buy her elder-sister’s (sic) lotion or not? Decisions, decisions!

Peace. People!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

16 thoughts on “The Spam Is Strong”

  1. If you get a message that you could be 2″ taller, buy it. You are so funny. I purchased your new book, The Cowboy and the Executive, and it should arrive today. I was so excited to see it on Amazon, that I also bought it on Kindle too. I’ll write a review asap.

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  2. Fourteen YEARS smaller? Clearly that was written by someone who is unfamiliar with the English language and didn’t pick up on the translation mishap.
    Unless his elder sister is Alice in Wonderland (one pill makes you smaller), I suggest you stay far away from that lotion and delete that spam! 😳
    Fourteen years ago I looked pretty fabulous, but I’m not quite 5’3”. So…Smaller is not an option. 😻

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