Into the Dark

I read a lot. I’m not the speediest reader in the world, so I average about a book a week unless the book in question is a lengthy sci-fi tale. Sometimes sci-fi books become so technical that I might need two or three weeks to absorb a single book.

Recently though I read a trilogy that fell into a category called dark erotic romances. My curiosity got the best of me. I couldn’t figure out why the books were labeled “dark,” but after five pages I thought, Aha. NOW I know!”

My first inclination was to order a different, much tamer book and forget I’d spent money on the trilogy, but dadgum it, the author kind of hooked me right away. I already liked her main character and needed to see what happened to him. But, holy cow the story was dark and gleefully erotic—and I read all three books in the space of four days. Yes, they were fairly short, but still that’s something of a record for me.

The author mentioned several songs I’d never heard of in the text of the stories, and one made it to my writing playlist. “Ride” by Chase Rice might be the hottest song I’ve heard in a long time. It makes me wish I was 21 instead of 64.

And as for dark erotica, I believe I’ve reached my lifetime limit after those three books. I don’t need to travel that path again. In fact, I’m thinking about rereading the Anne of Green Gables books just to cleanse my mind.

I’ve always heard that variety is the spice of life. Well mine got a little too spicy—at least for a few days.

Peace, people!

In case you’re curious…

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

11 thoughts on “Into the Dark”

  1. You know, erotica lost its flavor for me more than a decade ago. While my political vision has become much more liberal and open minded, I think my physical passion has become more conservative with age. Not that there is anything wrong with erotica. (To each his/her own). But now that I’ve hit my 7th decade I simply find the “other”stuff either comical or debasing. So that’s not currently part of my reading taste. To be honest, it never was. I do find that Women of a certain age, in my opinion, are more about saving humankind and achieving equality on all levels than going down an explicit avenue. My friends and I Would rather navigate through a great mystery or a thriller, and everyone loves a feel good romance.
    But, good for you for managing an erotic trilogy. I imagine that if a book is well written then it’s probably going to be a good read whatever the genre.
    So you go girl.
    I’ll have to check out the song you mentioned. I’m not familiar with it.

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    1. I’ve never been into erotica. I mean, I used to read the bodice rippers by Fern Michaels and other writers, but never anything like I encountered in these books.

      After I read these 3 books I read over the reviews (maybe should have find that BEFORE reading) and this author has quite the devoted following. Briefly I wondered if it’s a genre I could write in. Nope. Nope. Not going there.

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      1. Ha! I’m not sure if society has changed or our tastes in fiction change as we age. I do recall there has always been erotic romance. I used to be a member of Florida Romance writers and at meetings and yearly conventions, there were some lovely authors who strictly wrote in that genre. It wasn’t mainstream but there was always a market for it.
        The romances I wrote in my 40’s were certainly way steamier than what I write now. And it was the way romances were done back in the 90’s. They weren’t erotic, just pretty sexy. Now, I’m more plot driven. I think times change and as my generation matures we don’t mind sexy, (Brigerton proved that) but we don’t want an over kill of sex on the wild side.
        I couldn’t write erotica either. It’s just not how my mind works. But, while I’m a rebel girl politically I’m guessing I’m pretty conservative in the bedroom. But that’s just me.
        Either way, at least everyone these days can find their own type of fiction to read and that’s a good thing.

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