Beating My Head Against a Wall

For two straight days I’ve worked to make major changes to my sequel to Mayhem at the Happy Valley Motor Inn and Resort. Like a good little author, I always save my changes to a thumb drive in addition to saving to my original document.

But when I opened the document this afternoon, the file had none of the changes I’d made and neither did the one I’d saved on the thumb drive. My head is spinning. I’m not sure what happened or how I lost about 3,000 words. And worse yet, apparently I had the auto save function turned off.

Oh, and now, my document wants to put about five lines of empty space between paragraphs. Any Mac experts out there to help me fix this particular issue?

I’m about to cry. Seriously. Sigh. Back to the drawing board.


Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

32 thoughts on “Beating My Head Against a Wall”

  1. Oh Leslie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx That’s awful. I was away to say, it’s not there maybe under a very similar name…like perhaps you’ve hit another key in saving and now the title has an extra letter. BUT if you saved to thumb drive, then that is unlikely. I don’t have a mac or I’d maybe be able to advise re the paragraph biz but there’s usually a way on any wp package to format the line spacing.

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      1. You know once my PC totally crashed and went kaput. I was 60 thou words in on the Viking and the Courtesan and the guy in the repair shop didn’t know if he could find ANYTHING. I wanted to chuck up on the floor honestly. He was days about sorting it all and he’s very good. But he got everything eventually. So I know how you feel. What I do now, is every so often I attach the copy to an email and save it in drafts. I’ve seen people lose their entire manuscript. It is soul destroying. Losing any bit you’ve done is. Espesh where you’ve sorte d a bit. Often like that, espesh when I telescope, that is take say three bits, chaps whatever and knock them into one far shorted piece by maybe scooting forward and then having one of the leads think about why they are now where they are–I save that file under another name in case I can’t do it and it is a disaster. THEN I go a good bit ahead and open the damned old file and work on. Maybe I do several chapters before realising. It is all the joys of writing.

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      2. I still think it might be in my computer somewhere. My husband will be home this afternoon and I’ll get him to look even though I’ve already started repairing the story.

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    1. Apparently I had auto save turned off. I looked everywhere for the file. All I could find was the original without my most recent, and extensive, revisions.


  2. wish I could help…writing any thing of consequence, I always check a second device before I close out an app ….which begs the question, why didn’t you just minimize the app you were working in

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    1. I don’t know. I thought I did what I always do. Save the document on WP, then save to the thumb drive and voila! But I must’ve done something wrong. My husband’s out of town, and he’s much more computer savvy than I am. Hoping when he gets home he can find it for me. In the meantime, I stopped frequently and sent it to myself in an email. I’m so paranoid now that I immediately open the attachment to make sure it saved correctly.

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  3. I hope you had a good cry. You deserved it. I’m so sorry. I had one of those computer made it disappear moments today right when my daughter called. Poor thing got an earful. I hope you get some answers and help. Good luck. Don’t dream of giant erasers.

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  4. Oh, that is awful! I want to say that you can officially call yourself an author now as that seems to be something that needs to happen at least once in your process, but it still really sucks!

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    1. Thanks. I finally have made up for all the lost words, but it took me longer than it did the first time I wrote them, and they just don’t feel as right for the story. I’ll do better in the future!

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  5. That’s my worst nightmare. When I’m in the throes of writing, I am so paranoid I hit “save” regularly and keep an updated copy of the novel-in-progress to gmail as well as Dropbox…just in case!

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