The Nana Who Forgot Easter

Okay, I didn’t exactly forget Easter, I just got the dates wrong. That’s why the cinnamon rolls I ordered for delivery to my daughter’s and son’s families won’t arrive until next Friday.

I’m sure glad I’m not the one in charge of scheduling for the Easter Bunny. That would be a disaster.

Here’s hoping the grandparents in your life aren’t as scatterbrained as I am.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

19 thoughts on “The Nana Who Forgot Easter”

    1. Flo, it’s this great site called Goldbelly. It hooks customers up with all kinds of foods: cookies, barbecue, cakes, pies, steaks—you name it. I’ve never actually eaten anything from the site, but I’ve sent family members stuff and they’ve always raved about it. They’re on the pricey side, but hey, I don’t do it often.

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      1. My Hubby seems to have dates (at least birthdays and anniversaries) engraved on his brain. Random things like birth dates for my cousin’s kid or the date of some other random thing. And I’m over hear feeling lucky I remember what month it is.

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