Love Your Pet Day

Apparently February 19 is the official Love Your Pet Day. Who knew? Here at Doright Manor, every day is Love Your Pet Day. Our Gracie can attest to that.

I’M not tired of playing. YOU’RE tired of playing.
That “come hither” look.
Our own children didn’t have as many toys as Gracie does.
Helping Studly Doright is her favorite activity.

She’s been such a balm to our hearts after the death of our beloved Scout kitty. I was so afraid we’d adopted her too soon after losing Scout, but Gracie had filled a hole in our lives, and we love her so much.

Peace, and love your pets, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

24 thoughts on “Love Your Pet Day”

    1. Thank you. She’s wicked smart—gets into cabinets, carries her bag of treats around the house, wakes my husband up at the same time every morning by walking across his head, and understands, “can I have a kiss?” We call her crazy Gracie.

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  1. Those snowballs–we have them for our cats, too! I love to watch them batting those things around. Gracie has such excellent food manners. Ours always want to taste test the food first…make sure it’s safe for us to eat…

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