Haute Couture for the Down and Out

I’m at that stage in life where comfort overrides style every single time. Having said that, I do have a pair of shoes that make a statement, and I wear them almost daily.

The green tile beneath these classy shoes is slippery as ice when wet, and cool even during summer months. So I wanted something with a little grip and lots of warmth to wear around Doright Manor. Of course I bought them from Walmart. They only cost $4.99, and after a couple of wearings the right foot had a blowout. And I love it!

Is it a pimple popping out? A tongue? I’m not certain, but I’m positive you won’t find another pair exactly like them. And that’s how haute couture works.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

20 thoughts on “Haute Couture for the Down and Out”

  1. I haven’t had “shoes ” on in 2 years. I wear my house shoes that look like loafers….easy peezy on and off….and throw them in the washing machine. I have three pairs , all bought on Amazon…..what is ” tie your shoes ” ?

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  2. Comfort has certainly taken precedence these days hasn’t it? I feel ya! But, You win the unique foot covering award. Your tootsies look nice and cozy that’s for sure. Lol!

    I still have a thing for shoes though. The problem is that during the pandemic I shopped on line for some very attractive booties, but every time I put them on to wear I change my mind by the time I get to my front door. Instead, I slip into one of my slide into sneakers. They are just so comfortable. Luckily, I bought them in a few colors so I do have some variety in my life. Lol
    Now if I can just find some comfy slip on sparkly things… or comfy animal prints then I can donate anything with a heal….

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    1. Aren’t they adorably weird? They’re just for inside the house, and they have little gripper thingies on the bottom, so even as accident-prone as I am, I’m less likely to take a tumble on the tiles. When we first moved in I probably fell once a month. Took me awhile to realize how stupid I was.

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