Memory Lame

Ah, the things I can’t remember:

What I had for dinner yesterday.

The name of the little doohickeys that cover the valves on my tires. I had to pantomime yesterday while having my car serviced.

At least once a day, where I last put my phone.

How to knit. I once knew how, but now I don’t. Apparently knitting is nothing like riding a bicycle.

How to dance the Macarena.

The last time I had real cheese. This one made me cry. If only I’d known it was the last time, I’d have savored every single bite.

Similarly, I can scarcely remember what a Dr. Pepper tastes like. All I’m certain of is that it’s nothing like cheese.

How to diagram a sentence. I once was skilled at this task.

Names. Faces. It’s awkward when I have to ask my husband, Studly Doright, to wear a name tag.

How to play a saxophone. I was never a great musician, but I miss the camaraderie of band. I wonder if I could join an air band…

But I do remember most of the dialogue from Star Wars, A New Hope, and all the words to The Heart of Rock and Roll. I know John Cowsill’s birthday and Studly Doright’s social security number, as well as my own.

I remember the day I realized I couldn’t marry Elvis Presley. Not because of the immense age difference (I was five; he was in his twenties), but because my name would then be Leslie Presley.

I remember how it felt to hold my babies for the very first time. That new baby smell is still fresh in my mind. And I remember all five of my grandkids’ birthdays. Sometimes I don’t remember how old they are, but at least I get the date right.

Going to high school football games in late November when it was so cold I couldn’t feel my cheeks, but loving being squashed in between the grownups in my life, pretending my hot chocolate was coffee just like they were drinking.

I remember saying “I do” and meaning it, even though I didn’t really understand the commitment I was making at the time. Does anyone?

I remember my mom’s smile and my dad’s laugh, and honestly, what else matters?

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

27 thoughts on “Memory Lame”

  1. You know…I was just thinking about how I used to lay exactly like that when watching tv at my Grandparents. I don’t think my daughter ever did that in her life

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  2. What a lovely post.I think a lot of us can relate to your list. It certainly is amazing the weird things I still remember vividly and all the things I’ve totally forgotten. Does anyone remember how to do the Macarena? And yet now that song is in my head since I read your blog. Music I think stays with us forever…. perhaps we only remember what we’re meant to remember. 😁✌️💕

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  3. This sounds so much like me. The number and type of things I forget on a daily basis is astounding. I saw a meme a while ago about doorways and forgetting what you walked through the door for the second you step past it (see, I’ve even forgotten exactly how that went) like it was some form of memory magic that was activated by passing through the threshold. So many of my memories are fuzzy. I remember feelings in situations most strongly, but there are so many other strange things that stick with me when the important pieces seem to fall to the fuzz.

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    1. Thank you. A couple of years ago I bought a set of knitting needles and an instructional book thinking I could get a quick refresher and begin knitting again as I did when I was a kid. It became comical. I ended up pretending to knit.

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