Lost in Tallahassee

It’s difficult these days to become lost. I have GPS in my car and on my phone, so there’s really no excuse for taking a wrong turn, or two, or twelve. But on Saturday afternoon I wandered around Tallahassee for over an hour in search of a specific address and only found it once I’d turned off my guidance apps.

Still, I can’t figure out what went wrong. The address was entered correctly, but first the car’s GPS directed me to a gas station and then to an office complex. I tried my phone’s app and it took me in a huge circle right back to the gas station. Weird. When I turned off the guidance I decided to try to find the intended location just by driving in what I believed to be the logical direction and lo, and behold, I found the venue rather quickly.

The sad part was, I arrived an hour after I’d planned and then had to immediately leave to be home for an outing with Studly Doright, and I was frazzled. I kept picturing my car’s make and model being flashed on one of the highway signs asking drivers to watch for missing senior citizens.

Tomorrow, I’m staying home.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

22 thoughts on “Lost in Tallahassee”

      1. My dear…the fault of the GPS. Look on one occasion, a friend’s son’s first wedding, where I was playing keyboard, it directed us to a field. yes the hotel WAS there. Over a barbed wire fence. Another happy time, not involving us but a taxi our older girl had called to our then house, in a particularly dreadful winter. GPS sent this driver on her very first night in the job, down this sloping side road , which normally you would know NEVER ever to go down, little better than a boulder track, going nowhere except the old Victorian overgrown lane along the front of these houses, where she jammed the car, requiring a heavy duty tow truck to hoist her out…. SO dinnae you worry.

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  1. Leslie–It warmed my heart to read this. One night I was driving home and totally missed my exit and wound up in Alabama. I called my husband and, after finding out where I was, he was able to direct me safely back to Florida. We don’t talk about that any more…..

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  2. I remember back in the pre-Google Maps days, when I relied on my Garmin GPS, getting lost a few times. The problem was, you had to buy updated maps every year or so, and I was too cheap to ever bother.

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  3. Like so many new technologies, GPS isn’t infallible. I sometimes wonder about younger people who have learned to rely completely on their electronics. Sort of like those who never learner to add, subtract, and multiply since they always use their calculators (now, of course, on their phones). I remember a younger colleague who was completely perplexed when I showed her my Thomas Brothers map book.

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