Life With Gracie

Gracie, our newish rescue kitty is a joy. She loves me like I’m the greatest thing since filleted tuna, following my every move, and plunking down beside me in dramatic fashion when I have the audacity to sit.

Gracie watching me apply makeup.

She has a tendency to be loquacious and we exchange banter back and forth throughout the day. I’m fairly certain her vocabulary is larger than mine. In addition to her sweet “mew-mews,” Gracie grunts. These vocalizations sound like a combination of a dog’s bark and a pig’s oink, but they only occur when she’s jumping off of or onto some piece of furniture, as if she’s giving each leap her all.

Gracie is ultra jealous of our electronic devices and always finds a way to insert herself between the device and her human. If I want to write a blog post I essentially have to hide for a bit; although, this cartoonist might be on to something:

She is precious, though. As she’s settled in to our household she’s become much more relaxed. She even took a break from being my constant companion yesterday to hang out with a couple of snow people, allowing me to write this.

Innocent? Nah.

Please don’t be fooled by her sweet face. The crazy Gracie is still there. She’s just learning to hide it better. Like the Hulk, only cuter.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

27 thoughts on “Life With Gracie”

  1. Gracie is adorable. Two of mine are talkers–one high-pitched, one a bit lower. The cats I feed out side are chirpers. I swear they sound like birds. Who says cats are aloof? They are a constant source of entertainment!

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  2. Also less green.

    I’ve always been a cat person and have the same issue with ours and electronic devices. Hard to read a Kindle when there’s a cat rubbing up against it constantly, or squeezing in between said Kindle and me.

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