A Hot Mess

The trash collection guys come on Monday mornings—usually quite early in the day. So here at Doright Manor we usually remember to move our trash receptacle to the curb on Sunday afternoon, but not always.

When I woke up yesterday morning at 7 a.m. my first thought was, “Oh crap! Is that the trash truck I hear?!”

I scooted the cat off of my chest where she’d snuggled down, blissfully unaware of such things as full trash receptacles. Her glare was equal parts disappointment and disdain. How dare you disturb me?!

Hurriedly I donned a pair of sweat pants and a non-matching sweatshirt, pulled on some socks and shoes and scurried outside into the 40° weather to try and outrun the trash collectors. I grabbed the dew-covered handle of the receptacle and winced. It was cold and wet. Ugh.

I was not to be deterred, though! I gritted my teeth and pushed the container to the curb, hoping I wasn’t too late. When I looked around at other homes I was surprised to see that no one else had their cans out for pickup. Puzzling. That was until I remembered that it was Wednesday morning, not Monday, and that I was either two days too late or six days too early.

So there I stood, on the curb, shivering in a pair of Studly’s hole-y sweatpants, which are considerably larger than any of mine, a Walking Dead sweatshirt, mismatched shoes and wet hands, wondering if I truly had finally lost my mind.

The jury is still out.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

15 thoughts on “A Hot Mess”

  1. If there isn’t already a name for it, then, the phantasm trash-collector effect (or, PTCE) will have to do for now. Rest assured, PTCE has happened to many. Not to me, thank heavens, I have not lost my mind, but, I would imagine, many, many others. So, no worries, Nan.

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  2. Holy cow! This sounds like something I would do. It’s the swiss cheese effect. I do have to wonder. If I’m up to your level of lost mind now and I’m not yet 50… ? Yeah, life is going to be really interesting around here when we get to retirement.

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