On a regular day I’m not a terribly organized person. My thoughts don’t coalesce; they flit and flutter like a pair of courting butterflies. Since election eve, though, I’ve been even more scatter-brained. My phone’s gone missing a record number of times. I’ve carried my shoes to the car thinking they were my purse, only noticing I was barefoot when I placed a foot on the brake pedal in order to start the car. I probably shouldn’t be allowed to get behind the wheel.

When Joe Biden was predicted to have won the election I thought maybe I could get my head back to it’s normal irregular operational status. I even managed to sleep seven undisturbed hours on Saturday night, Unfortunately Trump isn’t willing to concede, so I’m still frazzled.

My brain won’t settle down enough to allow me to write. I’m worried that Trump will somehow pull off the ultimate scam. He is, after all, a master scammer. Look how he’s conned millions of people into believing his lies. I don’t trust the process anymore after four years of gaslighting and projection and the undermining of our democratic process. So if tomorrow I accidentally put my phone in the oven and back my car into a wall you’ll know why.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

36 thoughts on “Frazzled”

  1. I wonder more about people in very heightened “Trump forever” mode. What’s running through their minds, where do they stand on moving forward, and in the end will they do that. What do you see and hear around you, being in an area/state that is so very pro Trump? It’s the almost eerie silence I think we need to worry about.

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    1. Yesterday I learned about a social media platform for conservatives. It’s called Parler (I believe) and all sorts of nasty conspiracy theories are going around there. There are also calls for violent action against “Marxist Godless Liberals.”
      I have a friend who has joined and is reporting on what he’s seeing.

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      1. Yes, that is the sort of thing that bothers me much more than knowing someone will likely need to physically remove Trump and his belongings from the White House. I appreciate that Biden/Harris want to heal America, but I think there’s going to be a cost we aren’t prepared for.

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  2. I’m not ready to put any celebratory posts on my blog or FB yet. I’m not worried about Trump himself–he is a crying toddler–but Mitch & the GOP have shown over the past four years that they are ready to bend every norm and break every rule in their quest for power. Lindsay Graham is already floating the idea of sending alternate sets of pro-Trump electors to DC to be certified by Congress.

    I toasted Joe’s victory this weekend, but I’m not going to have a real celebration until Dec 14th, the deadline for getting the results certified.

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  3. Today, I did 3 full circuits of my house looking for my reading glasses. Down to the basement, upstairs to the kitchen island, over to a side table in one area, the end table next to my chair, the table I keep my computer and tablet on, repeat. 3 times. I even tossed in Hubby’s office just in case I wondered in there and left them (not sure how, but… ). On my last pass, I glance at the kitchen table that I passed probably a dozen times in this circuit and they were sitting in my spot along with the plans for my remodel I was working on. Because apparently, my spot at the table isn’t the logical place to look. So, yeah. I completely understand where your head is at. You are SO not alone.

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  4. I get it! Frank didn’t sleep for days before & after the election. I only sleep because I take ambien. We have both been a little frazzled too. Saturday was a wonderful day but like you, we are concerned Trump will find a way. If the law is honestly upheld, the states election laws will prevail. 😊🙏🏻

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      1. Yep, me too! I feel good deep in my gut that democracy will win out and Trump will go to prison! He’s such a sore loser! Did you watch any of the SLN skits from last Saturday? If not, I would hope that you would YouTube them. Kate McKinnon played the most awesome Rudy Giuliani. Warning: Go pee before you watch. I dang near peed my pants! 🙂

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