Election Day, November 2020

Nothing in my life has prepared me for today. I’m still in shock from 2016. Really. The most qualified candidate in history for the office of President of the United States won the popular vote by three million votes, but thanks to our archaic electoral college system, lost to a misogynistic reality tv star who subsequently became arguably the worst president in American history. Whew.

And now, here we are four years later with a well-qualified former vice-president running against the same asshat who stole the 2016 election. and dare I mention that the aforementioned asshat has a cult following that would literally support him even if he shot a person in broad daylight on 5th Avenue.

Crazy stuff.

Add in the weird QAnon conspiracy theorists who honestly believe that Trump is single-handedly saving the world from a nefarious child sex trafficking organization run by high profile democrats, and you have a real freak show. It’s exhausting.

So, even though I’m not prepared for today, I’m meeting it head on. With beer and wine and perhaps champagne if Joe Biden wins. I’m not making a prediction, but heaven help us if Trump gets four more years.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

23 thoughts on “Election Day, November 2020”

  1. Wishing you and all your people all the very very very VERY best, Leslie. We are following the election news here in the UK too. The BBC has a live page dedicated to that alone! It’s going to be a big one. Whatever happens, the good WILL pull through.

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  2. I believe no polls, especially with this President who has the cult plus all those that will vote for him , but never admit it…the invisible morons. To have a President who openly admits he will do anything …anything to get reelected should be a sign in itself. He is still the President and thus has the leverage over Barr, the Supreme Court and the Senate….AND all the trench people ..the Post Office, the ballot box collectors, the armed idiots outside the voting booths…..Biden has a way harder climb around all the bullshit barriers Trump has created. Hillary won the popular by 3 million and lost …without the Trump army of defense…again, Joe has to win with a blowout. And, Trump has already hired the lawyers and has started the recount process. We may not have a President for 14 days from today. I love America, the one in my mind, but I am ashamed of the America we have now…..what a drop to the bottom. At least the dictators are straightforward about it, and the people know exactly what will happen……we are the Un-United States of America…..and all this done by ONE MAN…..ONE FUCKING MAN….does that not scream systemic breakdown or what ?…..God help us…..and this from an athiest

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