Does anyone other than me go off the deep end when it comes to adapting to new technology?

For my birthday Studly Doright bought me a lovely new Mac Book Air. Within ten minutes of opening it I was ready to throw it out the window.

My password didn’t work. I called Apple Support and got a guy who was brusque and not at all helpful. A Google search proved to be much more productive.

The new laptop doesn’t have Microsoft Word installed, so I’ll need to figure all that out if I’m to transfer my documents from my HP. And, how does one transfer files when the Mac Book doesn’t have a slot to insert a thumb drive? My manuscripts are all on the HP. Argh!

As of today, I’m 64 years old. I want things to be easy. New tech is never easy. Will there be a point when I say, “Enough!”? How will I know?

Pardon me now. I need to retrieve my new Mac Book from the trash heap.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

26 thoughts on “TechnoRage”

  1. Happiest of birthdays, on your actual day! And I agree with you RE technology. Lol!!! I am the same as you. I just want my old technology that I am comfortable with, not any new stuff to get used to. They release new things every six months or so and it’s bloody tiring to keep up with it all. I am praying my phone lasts me another four years, but I doubt it because the older your phone gets, the less likely it will be to adapt to the new technological software updates. I miss the days when we had solid landlines that lasted 15 years and rang shrilly through the house.

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  2. Happy Birthday to you! I had my husband, a retired HP tech, read this post and he was flummoxed. He talked about home network and Shared drives. I asked him if he could address this and he said, “no!” Good luck with this, Leslie. Did you suggest to Studly that dinner out might have been a nice gift, too?

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    1. Thanks! I might’ve figured most of it out last night. I had to download Word first. And then I realized that some of my Word documents, the ones I’d saved in One Drive, were available on the Mac!

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  3. Happy birthday! I completely understand. It was such a pain to get my new laptop set up and it was so frustrating! It was a massive relief when I finally did get it all working, though because new tech may be frustrating, but it is also awesome!

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  4. When I started working at my new company, we were all assigned macbooks. I could have just as well been a rasberry pi with linux installed on it. It was SO foreign. Over time, I’ve started liking it. They are really well made and user centric. Installing software is a breeze and when you type on it, it makes you feel sophisticated. Happy Birthday!

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