What If?

A writer friend says he comes up with story ideas by asking “what if?” questions. Now I can’t stop thinking about this method. When I get in bed at night now, what ifs keep me company, and when I wake up, they’re the first thing on my mind.

Here are some of my thoughts:

What if one day dogs developed the ability to speak to their humans in standard English, or French, or whatever language their humans speak? What if cats could do advanced mathematics? What if they were deemed a menace to society and hunted for their abilities?

What if someone discovered a cure for stupidity, but the powers that be had him/her murdered?

What if some humans suddenly developed the ability to fly, but only during a full moon?

What if no one ever died?

What if the cure for cancer was a single word, and the scientist who discovered it was in a coma?

What if no one ever took their own child home from the hospital—instead, they were assigned a child at random?

What if life actually didn’t begin until one was forty?

What if we, after death, had to answer for the lives of all the creatures we’d ever inadvertently killed in front of a committee of animals?

What if only women were allowed to run for public office?

Okay, I’ve probably bored you all, but I can’t help thinking about this stuff. Tomorrow maybe I’ll write about something more exciting. Like, watching grass grow.

What if there really was peace, people?

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

17 thoughts on “What If?”

  1. Your dog what if? reminded me of an incident in France one night. A dog was rummaging around in my black bin bag outside the house. I stuck my head out of the bedroom window and told it, not too politely, to go away. It didn’t. Then it dawned on me that the animal would not understand English. I said it in French. Off he went.

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  2. Hahaha, this is amazing. I once heard of that as a writing prompt but totally forgot about it until you just mentioned it. My brother in law, back when he was young and nice and not a moody teenager, used to pester us all the time with what if questions. He was so curious about the world and had such a fun-loving perspective. I wanna try it too. Your post was so entertaining, and sometimes really creepy. Like being answerable to a committee of animals. Every ant you’ve ever stepped on, every spider you’ve ever squished, every cockroach you’ve ever poured bleach on while screaming in terror …. oh dear 😦

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  3. That is exactly the path I went down. Granted, it started first with some crazy and then my brain wanted to “what if” it until it no longer looked or felt crazy. “What if” is an amazingly powerful tool.

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