This Old Cat

She’s nearing the age of 17, this old cat. Until recently she was as playful as a kitten, sure-footed, and ready to attack any rebellious stuffed mouse that came her way.

Nowadays, her steps are halting. She stumbles now and then and her toys are neglected. The saddest thing is, she doesn’t enjoy snuggling much anymore, preferring the cool tile of the bathtub surround to our warm laps. Sometimes I think she’s ready to move on, and selfishly I keep her here.

She’s still my baby, this old cat. I give her whatever she asks for no matter when she asks for it. She wants to eat six times a day? Fine. She wants to eat at three a.m.? No problem. Anything for my Scout.

Peace, people.

My girl.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

28 thoughts on “This Old Cat”

  1. Our older kitty is only about a year younger than yours. She still very much wants her cuddles, but other things are starting to be different for her. She is a whole lot more hesitant some days to make the jump to the arm of the chair and has even missed a few times. She was normally a VERY quiet kitty that almost never meowed. Even when she did it was on the quiet side. Now she has bouts where she stands in a room and just almost howls (though in comparison to some cats, it is still on the quiet side). She seems to also be more aggressive toward our other kitty and really doesn’t like it when she comes upstairs during the day. Both of my kids are very conscious of her age, especially after losing our dog last year, and are trying hard to love on her extra. I was so worried our kitty would follow right behind our dog when she started losing all that weight, but I’ve been so relieved to see her putting some of it back on. It gives me hope we aren’t that close to losing her yet.

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      1. I have a friend that has an elderly Schnauzer that is sliding into a type of doggy dementia and some of the things she’s talked about, I’m wondering if cats have something similar.

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      2. It’s possible. I watch Scout all the time. She seems to wander aimlessly more than she used to and I’ll find her in the oddest places. Plus, for the first time in her life she decided she needed a drink from the toilet! I nipped that in the bud. Part of her change is the result of a steroid shot—she’s thirsty all the time, restless, uncomfortable, and cranky. That shot changed her taste in foods, too. I’ve been scrambling to find stuff she’ll eat. And I don’t think she’s sleeping well. Poor baby.

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  2. Awwwww…our Chloe is around 17, too. I understand how you’re feeling. We dread the thought of losing her. But I also think old doggies and kitties are the best…there’s just something about them.

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