I’m Fine, I Think

I fell out of bed sometime early Wednesday morning. To be more precise, I fell while trying to return to bed after getting up with the cat.

Scout has been extra needy the past few weeks. After receiving a steroid shot for her allergies her appetite has increased exponentially. I don’t question the time she wants to be fed, I just feed her. She’s elderly, like me, and we know what we want, and we want it NOW.

Usually I can feed my girl without turning on any lights, but this time I couldn’t locate her clean dish in the dark, so I flipped the lights on in the kitchen. After taking care of Scout I turned out the lights and ventured down the hallway.

My eyes still hadn’t adjusted by the time I reached our bedroom, but I figured , “Hey, I could navigate this with my eyes closed.” Turns out, I can’t.

I took it slowly, using baby steps, but still misjudged where the bedpost was and stubbed the three middle toes on my right foot on said bedpost. In what I’m certain played out in cartoon fashion, I grabbed my injured foot and swiveled to sit down on the bed, missing my mark by several inches. Lucky for me, the floor broke my fall.

Studly Doright asked, “What happened?”

“I fell out of bed,” I said, not going into detail.

“Are you okay?”

“I think so.”

“Do you need help getting back into bed?”

“I don’t think so. I’m just going to sit here for a few minutes. Maybe forever.”

When I finally crawled back into bed I already hurt from stem to stern, and I knew that there’d be hell to pay later. Well, it’s later. Apparently I pulled a muscle in my right leg, damaged three toes, and need a crutch to get around. On the plus side, I can still feed the cat on demand. Nothing else really matters.

Peace, people

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

31 thoughts on “I’m Fine, I Think”

  1. Oh my friend, take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Your description was funny mind you. Minded me of the time I slipped on black ice going down the steep brae called heart attack hill by the locals where we used to live. I sledged all the say to the bottom and only managed to keep my head off the ground or that would have been nasty. Anyway, you may know it must have been bad when the Mr offered to take a day off work. I said no. The next night I managed to hobble into a bath WITH NO COLD WATER in it. And I could not leap out. So now I’ve got god knows what degree burns to add to the misery. The tine lid.? Crawling up from the bathroom to the bedroom, I missed a step…So yeah you take care. )

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      1. Now let me ‘ fess up and tell you the bit that is missing…. After I ended up down the foot of the hill, the Mr who thought …OMG this is the finish of her surely….and I got on this bus to go to this Barb Taub concert at the Rep . I aye get up in life. After wards in the city centre taxi queue which is famed but not in a good way, this feral creature and her queue skipping mates, attempted to set about my Mr and haul him from the tax so they could have it. Now let me be clear he is perfectly clear of dealing with such incidents. I am ashamed to say I am better…. It comes of being brought up in one of the roughest areas of the city. So I did. I did deal with it. Then I stepped over them and got in the taxi… I gave the driver his jaw back too after he asked, ‘ Where to, missus?’ clearly thinking I was away to say one of these areas and I said Newport On Tay…which is anything but. You could see him thinking, my god these folks from there are
        not to be tangled with…

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      2. Oh I am badass… This bint made the mistake of pulling my earrings off … As I explained to her before I decked her, ‘You thought my ears were pierced..huh? Well, honey where I grew up we all knew that would be very silly.’

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      1. Oh no! With me, injuries are never isolated occurrences. If I stub a toe today, I’ll hit my head on something tomorrow. The only way I know to safeguard against something else happening is to remain in bed indefinitely. Like the grandparents in Willy Wonka.

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  2. Lordy.

    I fell out of bed (pre-puppy crate beside my bed) coming back from a bathroom trip and doing the same thing, misjudging the distance…hole body crash. Sleeping man wanted to know what I was doing… 😳🤔🙃
    Lol (Not). Sorry…

    I hope you won’t be in pain too long. 💗

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  3. Oh no! I get that eye adjusting thing. I’ve walked into walls before thinking I knew exactly where I was. I also completely get the baby step shuffle, the half-bend reach and scan with hands open, and even the stop and stand still in front of the imaginary object that’s really just a shadow.

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  4. Ouch! I’m still cringing after reading that. My toes hurt for you. Our older cat is starting some things that we are beginning to worry about. Mostly the non-stop attempt to harf up hairballs. Usually in the path I’m walking with bare feet. She has put some weight back on, so I’m pretty sure that was part of her grieving over losing our dog last fall. Glad to hear Scout is doing better! Even if it is at the expense of your toes.

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    1. The steroid shot they gave Scout really did a number on her. Her taste in food changed. She drank so much I was afraid she was diabetic. She didn’t want to cuddle with me anymore. But slowly it’s wearing off and she’s returning to her old self.

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      1. Our dog had to be on a daily dose of steroids for her allergies. We tried so many alternatives, but that seemed to have the least amount of side effects with the most benefit. She loved it because it meant she got peanut butter.

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  5. Oh no, I have missed my bed in the past too… So traumatizing… Can’t forget the sense of shock and disappointment. And the toes! This is the worst of the worst. Hugs, my dear friend. Hope you recover soon, physically and mentally.

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