Blast from the Past

Studly Doright’s middle sister, Angie, sent us some old photos she found while cleaning out some boxes the other day. And when I say old, I mean OLD.

Here’s Studly and me dancing at the annual Sweethearts’ Ball in Dumas, Texas. The photo isn’t dated, but it must’ve been mid-80’s. At any rate, we were both still skinny.

When I first saw this photo I thought it was taken the same year that the one below was—after all, I’m wearing the same skirt and blouse. I’m thrifty like that. But I had that awful perm in the top photo. I think I should wear my hair like this again. All in favor, say aye.

From left: my sister-law, Angie, her husband Steve, my former brother-in-law, Don, then Studly Doright and me. My eldest sister-in-law, Lyn is seated in the middle.

The next photo cracked me up; my sense of style was a bit skewed. I have no memory of this horrid skirt, and why did I think that necklace would go well with this ensemble? And it looks as if I’m wearing a headband. I NEVER wore headbands. I know we were poor, but yikes! Maybe it was a tacky-themed party? Let’s hope I burned the whole shebang soon after.

There’s nothing like old photos to make one wince, is there?

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

25 thoughts on “Blast from the Past”

      1. One of my male friends from high school doesn’t think that’s me in the last photo. Honestly, I don’t remember ever wearing such a skirt, and I’m fairly sure I wore contacts during those days. But the hair is right.

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  1. Les….this is why our card line is successful… is something to chuckle about…………..btw very cute…….so is the woman in the chair

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    1. Isn’t Lyn beautiful? She’s kind of my inspiration (looks wise) for D’Aun in the book. Very tall, but didn’t ever know how pretty she was when she was young.


  2. These are the kinds of things you can look at from this distance of time and laugh about even if you might still cringe. I love photos (obviously), especially ones that can help remember context.

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      1. But, for the time, you were very fashionable. I think that is one of the things I love about older photos with people is that you can see those trends or whether the people being photographed followed them.

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  3. I am decluttering and have run across some old photos of myself and I cringe when I look at most of them. My sense of style was truly laughable and sad thing is I don’t think it has gotten a whole lot better. I once had a skirt similar to the one in your photo ~ different print, but same style. Wish I still had that waist line! Photos like the ones you shared are so fun to see!

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