20 thoughts on “Feeling Hopeful”

  1. With such a strong, talented field of candidates, I’m glad I didn’t have to choose. Kamala Harris is perfect, presidential, everything Trump isn’t. Still, I don’t trust him or his cronies as far as I can throw them. They will cheat and they will lie , and they will do anything to win. They just don’t care, and it’s more than the president. We must take back the senate and keep the House. Vote Blue, people!

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  2. I’m not jinxing anything, but I agree totally! I was a registered Republican since I turned 18 in 1984, but last December I couldn’t take it anymore and switched to the Democratic ticket. I’ve always voted for the candidate, not the party anyhow, but Trump screwed that up! Hopefully, we get him the hell out of the White House! I think we have the best chance possible with Biden/Harris at the helm. 🙂

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  3. Me too. Read Dan Balz’s excellent analysis of the race in today’s Washington Post. It’s quite long, but he lays out all the possibilities in the electoral map. Bottom line: Biden should leave nothing to chance, but he’s got way more avenues to victory than Trump. – Marty

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