Deep Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

Does anyone else think that the so-called “panhandle” of Texas, land of my birth, might be better thought of as a cutting board?

Hardly handle-sized.

At one time I believe there was a campaign to change the nomenclature. A panhandle resident argued that the term “panhandle” was derogatory because it was also a term used to describe begging.

As I recall, his campaign for change didn’t get much traction. Maybe if he’d lobbied for “cutting board” or “postage stamp” he’d have gotten some support. Maybe not

At any rate, the panhandle in Texas is one of several in the United States.

Currently I live in the Florida panhandle. I’d argue that its shape comes closer to fitting the description of an actual pan’s handle.

Although, to me it’s reminiscent of the barrel of a gun with the peninsula as the gun’s handle.

I found something kind of cool while searching Pinterest for pictures of panhandles. Earlier this year, “Rolling Stone” did a feature on a West Texas band called The Panhandlers, including a link to one of their songs. I got a kick out of the song, and thought it worth sharing here.

Here’s a link to the “Rolling Stone” article:

Peace, people!

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I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

15 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts on a Sunday Morning”

  1. Ok so here is a weird contribution of a different nature: the word for panhandle in German is Pfannenstil (Pfannen = pan, Stil =handle).

    When I lived in Switzerland during my childhood we lived near a lake called Greifensee (See = lake). Across the the lake was a long, low ridge, not a mountain, but a large hill. It was called Pfannenstil. Because it resembles a panhandle.


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  2. I always wondered what the Texas Panhandle meant. I guess I was looking for something more poetic than a Pan Handle. Silly me. Thank you for clearing that up for me. It’s a mighty big place, the old US of A. I just googled and found out that USA is 27% bigger than Australia.

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    1. I’m glad to have been of service! And yes, it’s a big country. Is it any wonder we’re so divided amongst our different regions? Right now we aren’t very United.


      1. It’s certainly a sad state of affairs at the moment, I wish my American friends better times ahead. All of us could use some good news at the moment.

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