Eye See You, I Think

A couple of weeks ago I got a new pair of glasses. This style is radically different from my previous three pair, and I think I like it. The problem is, very few things seem to be in focus.

I can read stuff on my phone and my computer easily, but my eyes won’t focus on distances. It’s not like I’m as blind as I would be without glasses, but I certainly don’t have the distance vision I did with my last prescription. I can’t read a large green street sign until I’m within fifty feet or so. That’s no good!

I really wanted to avoid an in-office visit, but yesterday I finally broke down and called for an appointment.Fortunately they had an opening this morning, so I’m sitting outside the eye doctor’s office waiting until 9:10 to enter.

Here’s hoping it’s an easy fix.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

25 thoughts on “Eye See You, I Think”

  1. The glasses conundrum. I got my last two pairs for distance only and I just take off my glasses when reading or doing close tasks. With progressives my vision was compromised with both reading and distance

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      1. Unfortunately, I think as our eyes learn to adjust to the progressives, it also weakens them and makes the near/far divide worse. My first two pairs of progressives were fine….next one not so much. Also, shape and size of glasses really affects how progressives work.


    1. Progressives are some kind of different, aren’t they? I’ve had them for years and they still take a bit of getting used to when I get a new script. I am in awe of people who have tri-focals.

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  2. Really like these! I hated the on/off cycle of glasses just to read but not needed for distance so went back to progressives last time around. I think LA is correct as I’m already noticing my distance is worsening. I know I have the old ones around here somewhere. Maybe time to pull them out.

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  3. Yeah…the other day I thought what is this?? ( Well I sort of did except maybe these were not my EXACT thoughts.) But what I can say with all certainty is that these thoughts were in terms of the is this a bit of wiring, packaging, a bent straw? It was the ear wrap bit. I say no more re how at least earlier for a day or so it had been sellotaped on and I am sure my mend anything dad would have taken me apart re the sellotape. But even he would have agreed some things are not made to be mended. (And that at leeast, it was not as bad as the time I sat on the Mr’s specs.)

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  4. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to cave soon and get my eyes checked again soon. The last time I was told I could probably get a little correction, but I really wasn’t that far outside the range of normal, but it is gotten so much worse in the last year. I hate not being able to see as well as I used to, which I’m really beginning to wonder if it wasn’t better than 20/20 before because this is the pits!

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    1. I’ve worn some sort of corrective lenses since I was a kid. But when I turned 40, my vision changed for the worse seemingly overnight. And now I can no longer wear contacts. 🤓

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      1. I had a brief period between kids where I needed glasses. Apparently pregnancy hormones effect eye sight? After my second, I no longer needed them and haven’t for years. In the last 2 years the reading glasses have come out for small work, but not actual reading and distance sight is on the wonky side. I have other eye issues that would make contact wearing impossible, so I know I only have the glasses route. Both Hubby and my son have glasses, but my girl and I have been able to slide by. Apparently, not for much longer though.

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