Subdued Fourth

Today we celebrated Independence Day here in the United States. Celebrated might be an overstatement in my case. I napped, having been unable to sleep last night. I did wear my special flag t-shirt most of the day, though.

Then, while Studly Doright and I were cooking our dinner of vegetable kabobs and fruit salad, I managed to get cooking oil all over the front of my shirt. I might’ve said, “Yankee Doodle Dammit!” Or something similarly patriotic as a result.

We’ll likely spend our evening watching “Shameless” on Netflix while listening to our neighbors across the lake shoot off fireworks. Is it wrong for me to hope a predicted thunderstorm might keep the ruckus to a minimum tonight? It’s not as if they have any children.

Suddenly I feel like the Scrooge of July 4th. Bah firecracker!

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

14 thoughts on “Subdued Fourth”

  1. Alas…sometimes thunderstorms don’t keep neighbours silent, for all your hopes and prayers. What you got to hope for, without feeling too bad about i, t is a good old fashioned lightning strike in the right place. x

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  2. It’s okay…I more than made up for your subdued 4th. Once a year, I turn from a normally mild-mannered and responsible person into a crazy pyromaniac who wants to see everything go KABOOM KABOOM KABOOM! I stayed up very late last night.

    This morning, though, the firework remnants are all cleaned up and put away into a bucket, the street has been swept, and I’m back to being the model citizen I always am 😉

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  3. I was much in a similar mood. Instead of spending the day in the pool as we often do, the kids decided a movie inside would be the better option. Sadly, the storms missed us and the firebugs all across the city lit off so many fireworks we ended up with an air quality warning on Sunday morning and firework sludge in the pool I have to try and clean out.

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