Power of Observation

Never will I claim to be the most observant of humans. In fact, my husband of nearly 44 years, Studly Doright, is fond of telling me that I have “awareness issues.” I’d disagree with him if he weren’t so right.

Yesterday I wrote about a woman who, while visiting in my home, thought that when I said that I’d just finished my first novel that I meant I’d just finished reading my first novel.


Okay, I get it. I don’t look all that scholarly, but she was in my home, where literally the first thing one sees upon entering Doright Manor is this:

And this:

Look around a bit and you’d see this:

And this:

And even this:

Oh, and then there are my Star Wars books:


The dust is real.

Most of my books are on kindle nowadays, but the evidence that I’m a reader is pretty clear. So perhaps I’m not the only one with awareness issues. Maybe we can start a club.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

27 thoughts on “Power of Observation”

      1. Haha! Normally our is all placid, but with the water leak fallout we’ve got furniture moved all over the place. The dry wall guy is coming today and tomorrow and then the carpet layers will follow in a week or two. Crafty kid might be a pleasant change for us.

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  1. I’d be in it if you allow those of us with selective observational deficiencies. There are some things that I notice and pick up on right way that most of my family doesn’t, but on some of the more common things, and things that it seems every one notices immediately, I’m absolutely oblivious. I blame being behind the camera or with my nose in a book.

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      1. I have my kindle too and I haven’t purchased a touchy feely book in a long time. I can’t get rid of my books. I got rid of hundreds of books over the years. Mostly donated but some I sold in a yard sale for 25 cents. 50 cents if you tried to pay a dime. hehehe!

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