Under the Heading, “WTF?!”

Not only are we dealing with an absence of hot water due to a leaky pipe, now our air conditioner has gone on the fritz. Oh, and for those of you in northern states, the thermometer shows we’re “enjoying” 90° F weather today in north Florida. That’s 32.22222 in Celsius in case you wondered.

C’mon, man.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

34 thoughts on “Under the Heading, “WTF?!””

  1. Holy crap. I think 3 bad things is all you are allowed. I almost don’t want to hear the next thing that happens. You know…is the A/C going out in anyway related to your hot water problem? Reason I mention that is many moons ago at another house we had, the A/C backed up and leaked under the carpet. We didn’t realize it until I stepped on the rug and wondered why the floor was so squishy. It was quite the mess but, like your situation, covered by insurance.

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  2. very sorry to hear Les……my bedroom air conditioner went down and it was 85 yesterday. Be thankful that you are able to fix it……..I hope soon, that is miserable

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  3. I can check Amazon for good deals on deodorant if you like 🙂
    But hey you have an answer to the shower situation. Leave the garden hose out in the sun all day and at about 4 pm the water will have warmed up nicely for a quick soap down and rinse off. Clothing optional of course!

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  4. I’d more than gladly send you our unseasonably cool weather if I could. Sheesh, lady! I think you might need to also call a gremlin exterminator! I hope you have better luck with getting a service person out for your AC.

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    1. The AC guy came first thing this morning and fixed us right up. Yay! The plumbers are here even as I type this response. They’ve been using a locator device that tells where our pipes run. Making me nervous as I picture them destroying the beautiful green tile. I’ve never had something like this occur, so I don’t know what it takes to fix it.

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      1. Is your issue in the walls then? I thought it was just the water heater? I’ve never had an issue inside the walls. The closest we’ve come is a bathroom shower getting water behind the control plate and running behind the wall. I hope it isn’t too bad!

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      2. The leak is in the concrete foundation. Apparently there are several methods they can use to fix the problem. None of them cheap or easy. Thank goodness for insurance! My sanity may evaporate, though.

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  5. I’m catching up with bloggers I so enjoy but doing it in backwards chronological order. Glad you got your air back. I live in the north and it’s still too cool here to open the windows. But soon, soon…

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    1. Trust me, I’d have welcomed a cool day when the air conditioning stopped working. Fortunately we had lower temps on day two of the minor crisis. The major crisis of the water leak has still not been resolved. Might take weeks, they said. 😏

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