Mommy Knows Best

Right off the bat this morning, even before I’d gotten out of bed, Studly Doright said, “I think you need to take my temperature.”

Alrighty then. Nothing like that kind of request in the middle of a global pandemic to get one’s heart racing and one’s feet moving. I immediately went to our thermometer drawer (which is also our band-aids and q-tips drawer) and fished out both of our thermometers, knowing that neither had been used in ages and were likely in need of batteries and also knowing I didn’t have any batteries on hand.

I sanitized the one that was most likely to be working, and stuck it under Studly’s tongue. His temperature registered at 97.4. I knew that wasn’t right—he’s always a predictable 98.6. Tried again just to make sure and got the low reading again. The other thermometer wouldn’t even turn on.

Now, using the Mommy Method of temperature taking, aka kissing Studly’s forehead, I was certain he wasn’t running an elevated temperature, but he was adamant that I locate a thermometer. After going to seven stores in three different communities I found just one thermometer, a fancy one that works with an iPhone app. I bought it, but can’t find the lightning charger that came with my iPhone, and the thermometer requires that for set up purposes. #%*€£#%.

I also found a battery at one of the stores, though, they were in short supply, as well. After fumfering around with the fancy thermometer I gave up and installed the battery in our old, cheap, run-of-the-mill thermometer. Voila! Why didn’t I just do that first?

Inserted the thermometer into Studly’s mouth, and in less than a minute it beeped. He does not have a fever. The Mommy Method was accurate, after all. He also has none of the other symptoms of COVID-19, but his stomach is upset. He stayed home from work today—something he NEVER does, and is snoring loudly on the couch—something he does frequently.

Here’s hoping all of your thermometers are in working order and that if you need to find your lightning charger it’s close at hand. Mine sure wasn’t.

. Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

34 thoughts on “Mommy Knows Best”

  1. It’s funny. I checked my thermometer two weeks ago, to find it was broken. We seriously never get sick in our house. Couldn’t find one here…ordered on amazon. Finally off back order and shipped today

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      1. My daughter and I run low…our normal temps are 97.6. But I haven’t needed a thermometer in maybe 10 years. No surprise it didn’t work

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  2. I don’t know re you side of the globe…well you know in that I ain’t there…but this side?? This side has gone bonkers over what seems to me to be a cover up of a shortage of hospital equipment…. ( Ask yourself why despite the lockdown in Italy there’s all these deaths still –of a certain age group ) I have no idea of the true figures of anything here seeing as you can phone in with a sore head and it gets marked down as a certain
    c word. And I also think in the middle of this we get other things and we think ..oh no And also even NOT in the middle we stand near someone with a runny nose. Next thing ? Yours runs.

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    1. The response in the US is all over the place. Some states on complete lockdown while others are going about business as usual. What’s happening in Italy is scary. I have a friend there who says it’s as bad as the news reports show-maybe worse. And then our president is a complete idiot. I stills zero confidence.


      1. Have to say even our own Nicola who has been great was way out of touch when she said that Scots wren’t panic buying….this was after she told them to stop . Yeah. I thought, ‘Love, have you been round the supermarkets trying tae get a loaf of bread?’ Well?

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