Looking for Love

I was an ugly duckling in my school days. I’d love to tell you I blossomed into a beautiful swan, but that would be a lie. I guess I ended up as a plain ol’ hen. Just one more duck in the flock.

But for an ugly duckling in a small town dates were few and far between. There were boys I liked a lot, but no one I felt was “the one.” The big L was evasive, and I had no indication that college would be any better. I was plain and more than a little weird. Not a great combination.

Then my family moved to Dumas, Texas, from Floydada, Texas, just as I began my senior year of high school. The high school was bigger. There was a larger dating pool. I went out with a few young men, but they just didn’t cut it. I might’ve been plain, but I still had standards.

Then, Studly Doright and I met. I’d encountered him on the condiments aisle at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store that my daddy managed and where Studly worked. Later, miracle of miracles, I encountered him outside the physical education locker rooms after second hour. We had P.E. class at the same time; although, boys and girls were segregated into different gyms in those days.

After many days of innocent flirtation, he asked me to attend the homecoming football game, and I accepted. During the first sweet goodnight kiss at the end of our very first date I was caught off guard. I’d tell you that I saw fireworks and that bells rang, but I did not. Instead, I just had this feeling of peace come over me, like I’d found a piece of heaven right then and there.

After the kiss I went inside the house. I closed the front door and leaned against it. Mom was sitting there waiting up for me with a questioning look on her face.

“Mom,” I said. “I think I might be in love.”

She didn’t laugh at me, or tell me I was being silly, or that it was just a first date and too early to know. She just hugged me.

I guess I’d been looking for love, but hadn’t really expected to find it. I sure recognized it when it arrived, though.

Peace and love, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

34 thoughts on “Looking for Love”

    1. Thank you. I was always, and still am to a certain degree, clueless about cosmetics and hairstyles. I was never very observant—didn’t notice what other girls were doing to enhance their looks. With me, it’s pretty much the naked truth. And I’m great with that now that I’m in my 60’s! In my teens, ugh.

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    2. I have never been at home with folks who enhanced anything. Ok..I know there’s times you must whatever cos of very good reasons but beyond that?? Nah. when it comes to basics the crack-a-make-up- bag- mirror must have looked in mine, the state oh that. We can all look like Miss World with every enhancement going. By that I mean, it is all of it , from the fake tan to the glued on eyelashes, false. But your pictures are not false. They show this lovely young woman who has found her man and look at you both, so damned young but still there all these years later, with these years under your belts and THAT, take it or leave it, the good with the bad, is something to see x xxxxxxxx

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  1. Not an ugly duckling, not a plain old hen! You are darling and as I have said I love your sense of funny. Also loving your short hair… I am a short haired person and I am quirky. Thankful that ShortsSandalsNoSocks liked/likes quirky. I read the Promise Me post and your husband has a great sense of humor also. Where would we all be in our marriages without a sense of funny. Sweet post!

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    1. Aw! That’s sweet, but I came to terms with my plain Jane looks a long time ago. I’m even kind of fond of them now. And Studly’s sense of humor is everything. Through thick and thin we’ve nearly always been able to make each other laugh.


  2. OMG I’m cryinggggg!!!!!! As a nineteen-year-old, at least once a week you think the harrowing thought that your standards might be too high and that you would end up alone :3 but this post makes me feel all woozy and hopeful and happy! :))) P.S. if that picture of you in the white dress is anything to go by, you were NOT plain-looking at all. You look so sweet and pretty! For some reason, it brings Saoirse Ronan to my mind.

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    1. Awwww! Thank you-I adore Saoirse! And looking back, I was in too much of a hurry to find love. Sometimes I really wish I’d gone to university first, but then I wouldn’t have the life I have now. You have so much time still.


      1. Life is unpredictable, y’know, I just hope its unpredictable for me in a nice way like it has been for you. You two look so good together. It’s like you were made for each other even though the two pictures are from entirely different times of your lives. Also, Saoirse Ronan Rocks!! :))

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