The Write Stuff

Almost every day for more than four years I’ve written something and posted it on WordPress. In the beginning, just pressing the “publish” button was enough to make my blood pressure rise and my palms perspire. Would my words be good enough? Did I have the “write” stuff? What if someone publicly laughed at my incompetence, told me to go back to knitting potholders?*

I used to worry about stats. There were awful days in the beginning when only two or three people, mostly relatives, took the time to read my blog. Then, slowly I gained a few followers, and I began reading others’ blogs and becoming part of a community of writers, until finally I forgot about the nerves and the stats and just wrote. Nowadays I’m liable to hit publish before I’m even finished with a piece. Yeah, I’m laidback like that.

Over the holidays, I took a big step (for me) and submitted a few poems to be considered for inclusion in an anthology about vultures. Yes. Vultures. When I saw the theme I laughed out loud and commented to a blogging friend that I practically live in Vulture Land.

“Then you should write that!” he replied.

I felt as nervous submitting those vulture poems as I did my first few days of blogging. I’m terrible at following instructions–and wasn’t sure I was doing everything as prescribed. Had I successfully removed all identifying information? Were my margins correct? Would my cover letter be too angst-ridden or needy sounding? After walking the floor for a good half hour, I finally clicked the send button.

And now I wait.

*In the first month of blogging a reader told me to cut the bullshit and stop being so cute. In reply I said, I’m sorry, but this is my bullshit, and I can’t help being cute.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

27 thoughts on “The Write Stuff”

  1. Yes! This is great news that you are submitting – not that submitting is the be all end all – but it’s about your writing being really good and fun to read and you believing that, like the rest of us do.

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    1. Oh, thank you! By the way, I got a really special book in the mail yesterday! Two dogs on the cover, written by someone named Janice Wilberg. You might know her. I’ve been reading the conversations aloud to Studly. We giggle like little kids.

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    1. You are never annoying (as far as I know). I’m hoping there will be an Olli course on writing this semester. A friend has taken those in the past and she’s gained a great deal of insight, and made new connections, as well.

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  2. Lol!! Listen my fingers are crossed for you, that your vultures will be like no other vultures. You are a wonderful writer, with the gift of an eye for detail, so the smallest event comes to life for us readers. x

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! After I sent two of my poems in I thought, “maybe they meant vultures metaphorically…..So I wrote a third one and then laughed out loud. There’s no telling what the reader will think about that third one!

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      1. The first time I handed off my book to someone to read other than a friend or family, I felt like a little kid, proudly showing someone their prized, lopsided clay “thing” they made in class that day, hoping they didn’t laugh.

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  3. Isn’t it odd how some people think they know what blogging is all about. For what it is worth I appreciate your BS and what on earth is ever wrong with cute? People eh? That is one terrific picture, I hadn’t realised vultures were such elegant creatures. Best of luck with the vulture submission.

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