Sleep Don’t Come

While my sleepless nights are much more rare these days, occasionally they still plague me. Friday night was a plague night.

A couple of events contributed to the sleeplessness and even my Calm app couldn’t overcome it. One was a totally random, yet bizarre occurrence that I really wish I could write about but can’t because I don’t want anyone I know to read it and realize I’m talking about them. Tallahassee is a small town and one never knows what might come back to bite one in the butt.

The other event was something that I can’t discuss because it affects someone I love. I worried over this person literally all night long. Send some good vibes her way if you’re so inclined.

Bottom line–this post is a whole lot of “I can’t tell you anything.” Weird, because I usually spill all the beans and then some. Maybe later.

In the meantime, here’s a song that always makes me think of sleepless nights. Don’t worry, no one’s cheating on anyone.

Thank you, Hank Willians.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

25 thoughts on “Sleep Don’t Come”

  1. Sleep better. I understand, also. Although if Tallahassee is a small town, then the village in the mountains I was raised in was a hamlet. We knew one another by name. Years later, I still remember their names. In my part of Florida, I rarely see the same person twice when shopping in the same area.

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    1. I grew up in a really small town in Texas and I know what you mean. I was related to half the town and my parents worked with the other half. Tally isn’t that small, but it’s too small to name names and recount weird occurrences.

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      1. Last night was one of these get to sleep for an hour, wake up at 1. till be awake at 6. I am used to it but some days you just feel pulverized and you are trying to function. I hope you get a good rest soon and are sparkling at xmas x

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      2. Damn. I have occasionally had nights like that, but mine are generally nights when I’m so sleepy I can’t keep my eyes open, except whe I finally get into bed I can’t sleep. Sometimes I’ll fall asleep around 2 and sleep a few hours.

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      3. Oh I have a variety. That kind, the kind where I don’t sleep a wink, the kind where I fall asleep at 6 am.. A and yeah that kind where you are dropping and then the second you drop it’s PING wide awake… Gotta smile Leslie. Gotta smile. xxxxx

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  2. sorry sleep alluded you – and partly for worrying about someone you love – and I did lift them up in prayer –
    and hope you get caught up soon.
    and side note – last week I slept a bit too much – well not at all too much – but think I had the flu and fought it off with sleep.
    get this…
    I slept 12 hours one day –
    whew –
    10 another – and then 6 hours and another couple in a nap
    but felt great since end of last week

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      1. yes – and I am grateful to have had the time to sleep –
        and one of the days I had to be somewhere at 5:30 and woke a little before 5
        and akse dry hubs if he was going to wake me and he said – nope…
        but thank goodness I got up – and I would have set my alarm but it was around 1 when I took the nap and had no idea of how much I would sleep –\
        anyhow, try getting a nice mineral blend and see if it helps you sleep.
        some folks insist that “calm magnesium” helps them
        but for me – I live on Life Flo magnesium chloride flakes –
        a doctor friend told me about the item in 2015 and I have told many folks about it – and I know a different doctor who uses the magnesium chloride as part of her migraine therapy.
        it is really great stuff.

        but when your sleep is not happening – it could be related to mineral imbalance and look for something with calcium magnesium and d3 and maybe zinc….
        Costco has an award winning calcium mag blend too – highly suggest it

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  3. Insomnia is an old friend of mine, but not so much at the moment. I hope everything works out ok (whatever it is).
    Merry Christmas to you and your family I wish you well for 2020.

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