Pee Patrol

Seems like all I do lately is clean up “accidents” left by our younger cat, Patches. From the time I get out of bed in the morning I’m on constant alert for the smell (Oh, the smell!🤢) and the telltale wet spots of cat urine.

When I return to Doright Manor after a trip to the store or lunch with friends the first thing I do is patrol the entire house, spray bottle in hand, to identify and eradicate cat pee. Before we get into bed and in the middle of the night I do walk-throughs. I’m paranoid and exhausted.

Late yesterday evening, for the first time ever she relieved herself on Studly Doright’s side of the bed. Thank goodness the bedspread prevented the liquid from penetrating to the mattress, but it was a near miss. I was up late doing laundry and changing the bedding. Studly was not pleased.

So, even though she was examined for a urinary tract infection in October, Patches and I are at the vet’s again, hoping to find an answer.

Wish us both luck.

Patches is underneath the calming blanket, and is refusing requests from all paparazzi.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

23 thoughts on “Pee Patrol”

  1. Ok so when the boyfriend started sleeping over back in the day, my cat was sorely unimpressed. Every day after work he peed on my bed. I started leaving a tarp on the bed which annoyed the boyfriend and the cat just pissed on that.

    The final straw came when he peed on the boyfriend’s aviation books (he’s a pilot).

    My mom took the cat.

    I still struggle with that whole situation. 😲

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    1. It’s hard! The cat I had when my husband and I married hated the husband and did all sorts of awful things. He insisted the cat find a new home and I gave in. I’ll tell you, there’ve been days when I’m sure I made the wrong decision.

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    1. Patches is 8. She and our other cat have always been at odds, and Scout bullies her in some ways. But it wasn’t until I took her to the vet in October for her annual exam that she began urinating on stuff. Now, she’s had a couple of accidents over the years, but not this blatant ignoring of her litter box. She’s an anxious cat anyway—we sometimes go days without seeing her.

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  2. I’m sorry to hear about poor Patches dilemma. It is most frustrating as the smell is very pervasive. I’ve been through much the same thing myself, so I hope you get to the bottom of the problem, for everyone’s sake. On the upside once you find their favourite spots to urinate life gets easier. Keeping the bedroom door closed will also help. Good luck, and I hope Patches is ok.

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  3. The one time I had a cat pee on our bed it was the last time any of the cats were allowed in bedrooms. I now keep all of my doors shut. I’ll clean up carpet (never had an accident on the furniture) and even repot plants (that was the last time one of them had a UTI), but I refuse to sleep on a bed that smells like cat pee. It is one of those smells that seems to embed itself in your nostrils and refuses to ever leave.

    I hope things settle down for your kitty! It is miserable having a cat that pees on stuff.

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