In a Certain Light

Morning sun reveals

All the wrinkles that appear

In a certain light

Arms, crepe-laced, seem frail

Strong enough, though, for lifting

Grandchildren and cats

In a certain light

Fine lines crisscross her tired brow

Turn out that damned light

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

24 thoughts on “In a Certain Light”

      1. YES! I had a moment yesterday, reflecting on this vacation trip. Wondering why I hold myself back so much of the time. I want to shake things up!

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      2. Okay, the slower approach.
        I think that I’m gonna put my already short hair in a ponytail and wear a baseball cap when I take my walk. It may shock some of the regulars I pass but I actually did this on vacation and the world didn’t end.

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  1. I have always thought that would be me. The slightly crazy, but wild old lady. I think I’m getting the hang of the old lady part, but I’ve lost the wild along the way. I’d rather be the crazy part than the cranky part, too, but cranky apparently comes more naturally to me. My kids may disagree with the crazy part. Especially when I spark an impromptu dance party, though, those are becoming rare. *sigh*

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      1. I have rarely been truly brave enough to wear the kinds of things I’d love to wear. That and practicality is usually an overriding factor. One of the many, many reasons I LOVE Halloween and still dress up. I can at least have that 1 day every year, right? Speaking of… I need to start planning, but I have zero ideas this year.

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      2. I usually go WAY over the top. Either epic makeup or making a costume or both. On top of the garage we put together every year, I kinda don’t hold back. I’m taking advantage of these last few years because as soon as my kids are done having fun with me (lasted WAY longer than I ever expected), I’ll be done with at least the garage part.

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      3. We get zero trick or treaters where we live, so I don’t dress up anymore. In our previous home I dressed up as something goofy. I’ve been a two-headed zombie prom queen, a wingless fairy, Scarface’s fraternal twin Scar Neck, among others. Our home was always a highlight on Halloween. So, what do you do to your garage?

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      4. This is basically every year…

        Sadly, with the newest development in our neighborhood, our little cul-de-sac looks like it may be getting overlooked now. We had so few people come last year, we talked about not doing it at all this year. BG still wants to, so we will, but I have a feeling this may be one of the last ones. I’ll probably cry and be relieved at the same time as that is a crap ton of work.

        I’ve done all kinds of costumes over the year. One of my favorites was a full skeleton face makeup I did a couple of years ago. It was epic against my black hooded cape. I want to do something like that again, but I don’t know if I’ll have the time.

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    1. I’ve kind of done the same thing. I became sick—digestive issues—and lost 20 lbs. the first go around, and other 10 the second, in just a matter of a few months. I’m 62, and now I think I look like ET’s mom. Crepey and saggy. Hope you’ve figured out what caused your weight loss. We still aren’t sure what caused my system to go on the fritz.

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      1. Oh girl! We sound so much alike. I began having problems January 1st and had the Rocky Mountain Quick Step continually until a week and a half ago. Like you, we figured it was a digestive issue and I’ve had every bloomin’ test imaginable. (I’m just glad Medicare was paying for it! I’m 68.) Then two weeks ago I looked up the side affects of long-term metformin use for diabetics. I had all EIGHT symptoms. Been on that stuff since 2003. Stopped taking it and things have been back to normal since then. About that saggy part… I get it. My keister looks like a Shar-Pei puppy!!!

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      2. I’m not sure if there is. I talked to my Diabetes case manager last week and she told me not to take the med anymore and we would try to control it with insulin which I’m already on. So all I can do is see what happens. I’ll be talking to her again this week. Hope you have a good weekend.

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