Snapshot #261

This little guy made an appearance at our family reunion near Hereford, Texas. I played with horned toads, or as we called them, horny toads, as a child in the Texas panhandle, but they’d become an endangered species, and I’d despaired of ever holding one again.

The species seems to be making a comeback, though, since many of the folks in attendance reported having seen them recently.

Several of us petted him before we let him go to hopefully live a long and happy life on the dry, dusty plains of Texas.

Let’s call this one, The Comeback Kid.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

13 thoughts on “Snapshot #261”

    1. I never kept one too long. My favorites were the tiny baby ones. I’d make little houses for them out of shoe boxes, but Mom wouldn’t let me bring them in the house, so I’d let them go after a couple of hours. This was in Floyd County, Texas, circa ‘66.

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      1. Do you follow Backroads of Texas on Facebook? Check it out if not. Even though I live in Florida, I go home to north Texas when I can & take loads of pics that I’m able to post on there.

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