Shhh, Alexa’s Listening

Those of you who are Amazon users might have taken advantage of a few deals during the site’s Prime Days on the 15th and 16th of this month. I’d made up my mind to forego any shopping on those days, even going so far as to post this on Facebook:

I was going to resist the urge, by golly!

Of course the second I hit post I thought, “It won’t hurt to just browse….” And there, right in plain sight on the Amazon feed was the product I didn’t know existed but desperately needed anyway:

Why did I NEED this, you ask? Some of my readers know that I struggle with insomnia, but that the Calm app I downloaded several months ago has helped immensely with my sleep problems. The only downside to the app is that I feared it would interfere with Studly Doright’s rest.

So several nights ago as we were preparing to sleep I told Studly I wished I had a special Bluetooth speaker that I could somehow wear comfortably to bed. I dislike earbuds, and regular headphones were out of the question since I sleep on my side. He assured me that my sleep stories on the Calm app didn’t bother him, and I promptly forgot about it. Until Prime Day, that is, when a product fitting my exact needs popped up magically in the “Look What We Found Just For You” section on Amazon.

Like the earnest consumer I am, I quickly read the reviews and ordered the headphones/mask. It arrived two days ago, and I got to familiarize myself with the mask while Studly was out of town. I’m not great at this newfangled technology like some of you young whippersnappers out there, but with just a little fumfering about I soon had one of my favorite sleep stories playing just for me, in a concert for one.

Now, this sleep mask was the very first thing that popped up on my Amazon feed on Tuesday. How did they know it’s what I wanted/needed? I have my suspicions:

Remember that bedtime conversation Studly and I had a few nights back? My Amazon Echo sits on the bookshelf right next to my side of the bed. Is it too outrageous to think Alexa might’ve listened in? I have some strong words for her in that case:

“Alexa, stop eavesdropping! Unless, of course, you happen to have additional recommendations that will make my life better. In that case, carry on.”

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

14 thoughts on “Shhh, Alexa’s Listening”

  1. Nothing is coincidental when it comes to our devices. They know everything, probably even more than we know about ourselves!
    I have to ask- is the mask hot to wear, meaning does it make your face/head hot? The pictures make it appear thick, and maybe even heavy so I’m wondering it you get hot wearing it?
    Asking because, well you know, at some point in the future this may show up as a suggestion for me on one of MY devices and I like to know as much as I can about what Amazon/Google wants me to purchase… 😉

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    1. So, that’s a great question. When I’m listening to my stories and drifting off I do not notice it being hot; however, sometime during the night I pull it off—not sure it’s because I got hot or just because I was restless. They may even make a model that’s made of a cooler material. All I know is that it’s a pretty amazing way to relax and drift off. I did have an issue last night—rolled over and accidentally turned it on—it automatically shuts off when the story is finished, so all of a sudden I was listening to some weird song and it awakened me. I’ll need to figure out how to prevent that from happening again!


      1. I would love something to counteract the noise from the neighbors, but as I live alone it isn’t absolutely necessary to keep the sounds contained so I’ve even thought about some device for white noise—maybe aimed right at the shared bedroom wall! 😉

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      2. The Calm app is absolutely wonderful. White noise options, meditation, sleep music, but my favorites are the sleep stories. Matthew McConaughey tells such a sweet tale.

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  2. Yep… I keep my mobile in a drawer in a room we seldom use cos I know there’s listen ins in terms of what comes up next day in various feeds. And not cos I am paranoid either. Face book private messages must also have some kind of device that clocks certain words.

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  3. That’s a fairly on-target and hilarious graphic. I have several Echos throughout the house. I like the “play music everywhere” feature – but yes, every once in a while we’ll be talking and I’ll look up and the blue ring is on. It always catches me off guard. Uh. I didn’t say Alexa. I think I said “I’ll get ya” to the cat. No telling. I’m fairly sure they listen in. I heard a news story that people are starting a law suite against Amazon because the Echo listens to them. This is really something you have to think through – YOU bought a device that is designed to listen and respond to you. YOU want to sue Amazon because there is a device in your house listening to you. Something is really screwed up with that mentality. I don’t know what people thought they were getting. Once in a while, we’ll see something pop-up in our feed that has no explanation except that just maybe “something” was listening to us. At the same time, try as we might to get a false lookup “Hey, I sure have been interested in a new screen for the back door.” “That back door sure needs a new screen”. Nothing. No screens show up in my feed. We tried several different items. Nothing. But yet, then you’ll have one show up out of the blue. My favorite thing to do with the Echo’s is put them into Away Mode so they blare out a conversation while I’m out of the house. I’m sure that will keep a robber at bay, won’t it? [and there’s this:

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