12 thoughts on “Slide”

  1. Not believing in global warming or “climate change” doesn’t mean we’re destroying the world. I personally don’t believe in it, but still, never litter and always recycle. We also don’t agree with cutting down trees without replanting them. Taking care of the world we have should be a priority, but it shouldn’t become more important than enjoying life itself. It’s kind of like how blogging is good, but if it becomes something that we’re constantly focused on and neglect family and friends for it, then it’s a problem. If that makes any sense. 😄

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  2. How the reality of global climate change can still be a question in some peoples’ minds is a puzzle. Perhaps they fell asleep during Critical Thinking Skills 101. Or, perhaps continuing to pretend that all is well (historical wildfires, flooding, hurricanes, drought, climate-based migration… lalalalalala) just feels better to them. Ignorance is bliss… until it isn’t. Good post.

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