In the Middle of the Night

A couple of nights ago I was awakened by the sound of feet running down the hall and into our bathroom. I sat up, noted that Studly wasn’t in bed, and called his name. There was no answer.

I got out of bed and hurried into the bathroom worried that Studly, who’d been under the weather, had gotten sick. The bathroom, though, was empty. Hmmm. I checked the den and there he was, snoring away from the comfort of his recliner.

Returning to bed, I surmised that the cats had enjoyed one of their tumbling runs through the house, even though the sound of running feet had seemed much louder than two middling sized cats could’ve generated. Again I dozed off into dreamland.

Sometime before dawn, I was startled awake again by the same sound of running feet. This time I noted that one cat, Scout, was sleeping peacefully beside me and that her “sibling,” Patches, was firmly ensconced in her favorite chair. Studly, was still in his recliner snoring like a freight train. Obviously I had experienced an auditory dream. It was unnerving.

Have any of you experienced such a phenomenon? Often I hear music in my dreams that lingers over into my waking life, but the sound of running feet was a first. I don’t want to hear that ever again.

Instead, I’ll listen to Billy Joel.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

37 thoughts on “In the Middle of the Night”

      1. Oh dear! Auditory dreams are very real though because I’ve often been woken up by the sound of my husband shouting my name when he wasn’t home and it was so vivid and real but I knew it was a dream. Your mind does odd things in that state where you’re half awake/half asleep!

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  1. I might suggest a haunting, but that could be worse than dream-state audio!
    I’ve recently had something minor like that happen. A few mornings, just before dawn, but on days when I haven’t needed to have an alarm set, I’ve clearly heard a short, 1-tone ring. Rather like a small gong or bell. It’s clear that I’ve been sleeping because I am convinced that it’s an alarm waking me. Funny thing is that my alarm sounds nothing like what I hear. I’ve tried to pass it off as the neighbors alarm coming through the wall as he gets up very early for work, but why would that be only 1 short sound and nothing more??
    Do you remember what/or if you were dreaming just before you woke up? I can’t recall a dream if I was…

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      1. Just thinking many years back in the days of the old telephones, I was doing a stint in this psychic journalist’s office and this irate man came roaring in–something to do with her telling his wife she was going to leave him, so she did– anyway, while the journalist and this other woman were cowering under a desk, I picked up that phone. He fair got out of there in a hurry.

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  2. I wear ear plugs (someone snores), but I still hear things like the ice maker or the blower on the HVAC turning on/off. Sometimes I get rattled by one of those sounds and get up to check everything. Which, of course, only makes it harder to get back to sleep. Ugh. – Marty

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    1. No doubt that played a part! I’m enjoying my vegan diet, but sometimes the spices used to camouflage the fact that meat and dairy are missing from the recipe are a bit over the top.


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