Under the heading, “Be Careful for What You Search”:

On a whim yesterday I googled “S’Mores made with Peeps.” Who knew it was a thing? Next Easter, when I’m not being so very careful with my food choices, I might need to do further research.

What say you? Would you s’carf down these alternative s’mores or s’tay away from indulging in the s’weet treats?

They were good for a few s’miles, anyway.

Peace, Peeps.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

16 thoughts on “S’Miles”

      1. Well…not a peeps fan to begin with, and s’mores happen once every few years for me-just too sweet- so squashed is fine but I’ll give mine to someone else 😉

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      2. Lots of s’mores memories – camping outings and the enticement to the kids to hang around the fire for s’mores rather than just disappear into the tent. Put a s’more in front of me and I always smell wood smoke somehow… 🙂

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      3. A little, but understandable. I grew up in the outdoors, forests, lakes…and passed that on as an adult with my kids in scouting and just because of where we live. At least you know what a s’more is. Many have no idea…!

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  1. I dont think I’d eat the peep s’mores. BUT i have been wanting to make the peeps riding in a carved out twinkie like a car! 😂😂😂 On cuteness factor alone, not so much Digestability.

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