Tears for New Zealand

I have no words for the terrorist acts perpetrated by white supremacists upon Muslim worshipers in New Zealand this week. I have anger and tears and thoughts of healing love, but no words sufficient to express my outrage and heartbreak.


Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

16 thoughts on “Tears for New Zealand”

  1. I can’t either. I really can’t. I utterly despair and you know all this ..being polite here.. S%^, going on over in the UK right now and this Dunkirk Spirit by folks who mustah fought that war , despite being all of minus 30 at the time? Well my belief is that, that WW 1 threw away the lives of young men like we do paper cartons, for sheer Colonialism but the WW 2 which came out of it was against what WW1 spawned which was Fascism of the worst order. But here we go again, ‘I am a regular guy and a Fascist.’ And folks go Dunkirk spirit which was supposedly a war on all that… Personally I can’t abide hatred of any side xx

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      1. No. Not really and you are looking at a man who was in Berlin at the fall and who then was assigned trying to somehow..and God knows how he could as a young man help those that were left in concentration camps find something. I still have letters they sent him as well as ones from his wee bit, middle of the African, not the desert, but Nigeria of that day, before he was re-assigned, begging him to come back, stamps, dates, you name it… to please help me. My dear sister who won’t part with them- even to let you see saying nothing — also has the most amazing pics of an African village at that time

        When he did talk ..well.. It was generally over many beers. My dad, also had the most terrible upbringing of that time too. His own father ran away to ww1 at aged 14 and as much as I know, I have pieced together re the way the Grandad was unhinged and no bloody wonder but it is also about how he beat my dad and set dogs on him. Then..far beyond all this and WW2..cos I have the newspaper cuttings… it was how my dad who had somehow risen from extreme poverty to the position of Brigadier in explosives, could take any bomb to bits, the expert who risked his life in Korea saving very poor folks cos their rice field had been mined and actually that was Dad all over and why looking back and growing up, pretty dirt poor, cos he left the army . Bur when it came to talking about so many things I don’t know these men knew how to. They had seen so much and so had their fathers before them in ways that took a generation to repair that damage but they still never really talked x

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  2. Absolutely shocking. I find it incredibly difficult to grasp. I don’t understand this kind of hate. It’s beyond me. The light in all this is the response and attitude of the New Zealand PM Jacinda Arden. What an outstanding person – the epitome of sound leadership.
    (I’m an old white man. I hope you won’t hold that against me)

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  3. I’m so hurt by this. The Bible mentions that living in the last days will be hard to deal with (2 Timothy 3:1-6) and that seems to be true. People seem to be getting crazier and more violent everyday. The total disregard for human life is the most disturbing. Nowadays if people don’t like you they just kill you and that’s it. But God is faithful and He promises to rid this world of the wicked (1 Corinthians 1:9; Psalms 37:10,11). I pray I’m alive to see that day.


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