A Harrowing Stay

A blogging friend recently commented about staying in a Bates-type motel on a recent vacation to Alaska. If you’ve never seen the movie “Psycho,” the reference might be lost on you, but trust me, one does NOT want to spend any time, let alone an entire night, in such a place.

Studly Doright and I, along with our infant daughter, once had no choice other than to overnight in just such an unsavory hotel. We’d flown from Amarillo, Texas, to Houston when our baby girl was due for her heart checkup at Texas Children’s Hospital. We spent one night in a moderately priced hotel before her appointment and then afterwards drove directly to Houston Hobby Airport for the trip home.

Unfortunately a storm system moved in and our return flight was canceled until the next day. Studly and I had stretched our resources just to pay for the trip. An unexpected night in Houston was not in our budget. Had we not had an infant with us we might’ve just stayed at the airport, but our baby needed a place to sleep.

We searched the hotel directory at Hobby for a motel we could afford. There were several we could swing, but with the added cab fare they were financially out of reach. Finally I found a hotel that had cab fare included. It seemed perfect and we made a reservation.

Upon our arrival we noted the hotel appeared a bit rundown. The neon sign had missing letters, and the stucco was peeling off the facade in places. The lobby smelled strongly of roach spray, and a sign behind the desk had room prices listed by the day, the week, and the hour. Let that last one sink in. I had a bad feeling about the place.

A woman in a skin tight, cleavage baring, leopard print jumpsuit took our information and most of our money before handing us a green key for a room on the first floor. Walking down the musty hallway to the we heard the sounds of despair: babies screaming, elderly people moaning, people doing what people do in seedy motel rooms. I had the strong urge to run back to the lobby and hail a cab.

Our room door looked as if someone had taken an axe to it. There were deep gouges next to the frame, yet the lock looked solid. Inside the room we were confronted by what appeared to be a large bloody handprint on the wall above the bed, the smell of roach spray wafted on the air, stronger even than in the lobby. Oh, and the sliding door onto the tiny patio wouldn’t close all the way, so we couldn’t lock it. That might explain the presence of the handprint.

Our sweet baby was asleep in my arms, so we made her a nest out of our previously worn clothes, laying them on the sheets so her little body didn’t have to make contact with whatever might’ve been infesting the mattress. Thank goodness I was still breastfeeding her, since money for food had been all but depleted.

Studly ran next door to an all night diner to find a snack for the two of us while I watched over the baby and jumped at every sound. When he made it back we nibbled on our makeshift dinner and then tried to rest in a way that wouldn’t require us to make full contact with the bedding. We didn’t dare turn out the lights, but Studly actually snored while our daughter slept in innocent bliss. I, on the other hand, don’t remember closing my eyes for even a minute. Someone had to keep the bogey man at bay!

The sounds coming through the partially opened balcony door indicated violent activity in the vicinity. Sirens blared all night, and I swear I heard gunshots at least twice between midnight and two a.m. It was no place for sissies, and brother, let me tell you I’m a big ol’ sissy. Morning couldn’t come soon enough.

I didn’t rest until we were safely on the plane headed back to Amarillo the next day, certain that we’d barely escaped with our lives. And those Southwest peanuts and the free soft drinks were akin to manna from the gods.

Nowadays we can afford to stay in nicer places, but I never enter a hotel room without remembering that scary night in our own Bates Motel. Bloody handprints are a deal breaker.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

15 thoughts on “A Harrowing Stay”

  1. You’ve got me beat! Years ago we were on vacation and stupidly did not have hotel reservations so we were SOL when we left the ball park after watching the Baltimore Orioles baseball game around 11:00 at night with 3 kids in tow. (This was an effort to fulfill my husband’s goal to visit all major league baseball parks) We wound up in a Bates Motel place and it was awful!!! I refused to let my kids take off their shoes and walk around on the carpet, no way I or the kids were getting into the shower, and I just had to put the fact we were having to sleep in most likely bed bug heaven out of my head. I stayed awake most of the night listening for someone to steal our car. I only stayed at one other Bates Motel type place and that is a whole other story!

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    1. That experience would’ve freaked me out, too. Once when our kids were in their teens we were traveling from Texas to our new home in North Dakota. Somewhere in Nebraska, after a grueling day of driving, we checked into a motel called The Shady Lady. I walked into the room, turned around and walked out. It was awful. Drive on! I said. We got our $ back, drove another 75 miles and found a nice little motel at a major fork in the road.

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  2. Oh man! I’ve stayed in some shabby motels when money was tight, but none with a bloody handprint. That is creepy to the nth degree. Makes for a good story, showing your ability to overcome adversity then, finding the humor in it now. But still… 😲

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    1. It was creepy. And looking back on the whole experience I think we probably could’ve persuaded the Southwest Airlines staff to get us a voucher for decent lodging, especially since we had a young child with a heart ailment traveling with us. At the time this happened we had very little experience in traveling.

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  3. These become the best memories though! (If we live through them 😒😒😒) I got stuck in Niles, Illinois one night in a blizzard when the Amtrak broke down on the way to Chicago. I thought, all right we’ll just stay in the station till morning. No prob. Until they closed it down at 10pm and kicked us all out. I had a debit card and my phone died so I couldn’t text or look anything up (we could barely get the web on phones back then). After convincing someone I wasn’t a bum *or* crazy, I had to beg someone to call me a cab and when he came hours later after waiting in the blizzard, I said ‘take me anywhere!’…The Eagle Motel it was 😂😂😂 Which almost fit the descriptor of ‘Anywhere’….*almost*.

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