Home and Miserable

My trip has come to an end. Thank goodness! I loved seeing my son in Dallas and his family, and my niece and her children in Austin. I enjoyed seeing Michelle Obama and Rachael Ray at “The Drum” on Thursday night. It was a great trip.

But, (you knew there was going to be a but, right?) I was so sick the whole time. Don’t worry, I wasn’t infectious. I’m having stomach issues similar to what I experienced almost a year ago, and even though I started on antibiotics two days before departing I was plenty miserable most of the time.

The drive was awful. Usually I enjoy odd sights along the way, but this trip I was too focused on finding the next clean rest stop to pay attention to oddities. Oh, and I was as annoying as a guest can be. The words “I can’t eat that,” came out of my mouth more times in a week than they have in my entire life. I’ve never been a picky eater, but literally everything causes me gastric distress right now.

I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. This has to come to an end. One has to be firm with one’s stomach, right?

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

29 thoughts on “Home and Miserable”

  1. Oh gosh, that sounds horrible! I’ve been dealing with a funny time the last couple of weeks too! I can’t eat what I want, it’s been no fun. I’m still waiting on test results. I think it’s IBS, but we’ll have to wait and see. That would have made the trip no fun, but I hope it didn’t ruin it!

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  2. Hope you feel
    Better soon.
    And your trip reminds me of the annoying guest I was last year while at my MIL’s
    I was fighting off the flu and had tea nonstop – tea on the hour –

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      1. Oh so glad.
        Another idea – try senna capsules (kind George used senna for his tummmy)
        But there are some great herb bkends and another product I LOVE (got my first bottle
        From Trader Joe’s in 2002) is from health plus inc and it is a standard colon cleanse – whew – I still thank god for that. But that company has six different (easy and affordable) all natural cleanses – like a kidney one – etc

        Was just reading in a book how we get so much misc stuff- like dr Colbert was able
        To test his own stuff and he got giardia from swimming in a lake in Florida –
        And there can be stuff in food and water and so anytime something like this persists – a cleanse should be in the list – our GI is a set of pipes and can get stuff

        Oh and how could I forget kombucha ?
        Drink two bottles a day for one week (and start to make your own cos it is like sending the marines into your gut)
        I prefer the brand GTs
        And they have a great gingerade

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  3. PS
    Hope you do get to the root cause –
    And maybe consider doing an intestinal cleanse (just an idea)
    In 2006 I did this one called the In and Out cleanse by body redesigning (Joseph Christiano) and whew – wonderful – highly suggest everyone of a certain who do yearly cleanses and that is just one (great option)
    And another thing to consider is a month or two of “p and b” shakes
    It is psyllium fiber and sonne’s #7 bentonite clay – you take it twice a day and it is easy and wonderful – please let me know if you want to hear more – and if not – we never have to mention it again….

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      1. Me again-
        One more tidbit to consider – try baking soda – a couple years ago I actually did a baking soda cleanse (look up dr sircus) but some
        People drink a glass or two for stomach relief and for alkalizing the body – mmmmm
        Two teaspoons in a big glass of water.
        The later – the second glass I make with lemon water too – the fizzy mix is amazing

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  4. Awww. I hope you get better soon. Gearing up for a trip with a watering eye and your post makes me more pessimistic. I’m surprised you still managed to sound darkly upbeat in this one. 😆😂

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