What Would You Do?

I was in Lucky’s Market in Tallahassee on Wednesday afternoon. The little cafe area was hopping. Some people were taking advantage of the “$6 2 Slices and a Pint” special. Others were having a coffee or tea. Almost every table was filled.

While I waited on my non-fat iced chai tea latte at the bar I surveyed the crowd and noted that the college aged African American man seated right behind me had a large piece of white fuzz stuck in his hair. For a couple of minutes I debated about telling him. I got my latte and found a seat, still trying to decide whether I should say anything.

When he got up to leave I caught up to him and told him there was something in his hair. In my best mom voice I said, “Turn around. I’ll fix it.”

He obliged me and I dusted the fuzz away. I told him I walk around with stuff sticking to me all the time, but that he was too handsome to walk around like that. Oh mercy. I think I embarrassed the poor guy half to death.

He did thank me, but I wonder if I did the right thing. Should I have just let the fuzz be? What would you have done?

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

21 thoughts on “What Would You Do?”

  1. I love that you played mom for a few moments. It was a nice gesture, and maybe he’ll have something to laugh about later after he stops wondering if there are more ladies like you running around Tallahassee looking out for people’s hair!

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  2. I think you definitely did the right thing! If I were in that situation, I know would want someone to tell me.

    And how awesome is Lucky’s Market? We just had a couple of them open one county over and we love it so much we make special trips there, even though they’re 20 miles away!

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  3. You did the right thing! A while back I was in Macy’s trying on some clothes and having a hard time finding anything that looked as good on me as it did on the hanger. So after trying on many, many things I gave up and wandered through other parts of the store. As I was looking at some sheets that were on sale a lady quietly came up to me and patted me on the back telling me my top was turned inside out. I was so appreciative and a little embarrassed that I had been walking all through the store up and down the elevator with the label clearly showing as well as the inner seams of my top. I have short hair so it was easy to see. So glad your mom instinct kicked in – good job!!!

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  4. I think you did the right thing, Leslie. Even if he was embarrassed at the time, I bet he appreciated the head’s up later. I know I appreciate not being further embarrassed, even if I am at first. It takes a village, Mom!

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      1. I think it also shows a level of awareness of those around you, which today seems not to be the norm. People keep their heads down and go about their business, it’s quite sad really. I’m glad you noticed him, and yes you would hope that someone would do the same for you.

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  5. Hahaha, I think it is wonderful that you did what you did. If I was that kid, I would not have been embarrassed. Grateful, more like! Also, what young-un (or middle aged-un or old-un) doesn’t like to be called handsome! 🙂

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