Cat Christmas

The only reason I put up a Christmas tree this year is because the cats guilted me into it. Studly and I are spending Christmas at our daughter’s home and I told him I didn’t think we’d need a tree. Apparently the cats heard me and they went on strike–no purring or cuddling until the tree was up. They looked pretty cute with their protest placards, but wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to snap a photo.

At any rate, Studly and I learned our lessons, and we have a small tree. The cats are back to giving us lots of love, so everyone’s happy. They asked me to find a bunch of cat Christmas comics, too, and rather than make them get their signs out again, I complied.

Here’s Scout admiring the tree. It’s her shift. Patches is hiding somewhere.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

14 thoughts on “Cat Christmas”

  1. I certainly got a giggle. I have a girlfriend that loves her 3 cats, and may do the same as you putting her tree up just so they can later have a funny story to share describing cat antics around Christmas time. Just in case they may want to surprise her with a present, namely a mouse hidden amongst the other gifts, she gives them each mouse toys, and shows them how to play with them. I get a giggle watching them demonstrate every year, if they allow her to invite me!

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      1. They are interesting to watch. That’s for sure. I always wonder why they do what they do, but when they stop, you 🛑 and wonder, sometimes sadly, why they had to go and do that too. Happy Holidays, enjoy your visit(s), safe & sound!

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  2. These are great, Leslie. The first Christmas we had kittens, we found them hiding in the tree every day when we came home from work/school. That was ok since it was a fake tree. After we took the tree down though, they started climbing our new fabric shades! eeek! Better the tree.

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